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Top 50 Italian Girl Names

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If you’re having trouble coming up with names for your little lady, the place to start might be your family tree. Or consider our list of top 50 Italian names for baby girls below. There’s much more to be had in the way of first and middle names than just Connie or Gina.

Italian baby girlTraditional Italian baby-naming convention is to truly keep things all in the family. Grandparents figure prominently, with names often chosen from the father’s side first and then the mother’s. The names of the parents themselves are also passed on to children, as well as the titles of aunts,
uncles or other relatives. And this goes for girls as well as boys.

A romance language through and through, many Italian names are derived from Latin names – the mixture of the two can create a sound so lovely your daughter will be more than grateful for the gorgeous name you have given her. There are many different dialects spoken in Italy and, as a result, regional influences can figure prominently in baby naming trends, spellings and variations.

The names of saints, particularly local patron saints, are a very popular choice. Even cities or villages sometimes serve as a unique baby name. Get even further inspired when you delve into the history of a specific city in Italy – the names of historical figures, celebrities or even events can be developed into an original baby name for your child.

Top 50 Italian Baby Girl Names

1. Adriana
2. Aldabella
3. Alessandra
4. Alessia
5. Alina
6. Anna
7. Antonella
8. Antonietta
9. Ariella
10. Carla
11. Carmela
12. Caterina
13. Concetta
14. Cosima
15. Donatella
16. Elena
17. Eliana
18. Franca
19. Francesca
20. Gabriella
21. Gianna
22. Giovanna
23. Giuseppina
24. Greta
25. Isabella
26. Katya
27. Leni
28. Lia
29. Lucia
30. Marcella
31. Margherita
32. Maria
33. Marina
34. Mia
35. Natalia
36. Nicola
37. Nicoletta
38. Noemi
39. Odilia
40. Paola
41. Paloma
42. Paulina
43. Rita
44. Romy
45. Rosa
46. Serena
47. Sofia
48. Tatiana
49. Teresa
50. Valentina

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One tradition that may have you dreaming of moving to Italy, or at least adopting a beloved Italian custom, is the celebration of name days. Along with birthdays, a second celebration happens annually on name day – also known in Italian as onomastico.

Because so many Italians are named for saints, each saint’s feast day is the time to celebrate the child’s name as well as their day of birth. For example, Saint Patricia of Naples is the patron saint of the Italian city of Naples. Her feast day is August 15 – the day everyone named Patricia gets another opportunity to have cake and ice cream (whether you’re from Naples or not)!

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written by OKmomof2boys, September 28, 2009
Love these baby girl name ideas -- like Adriana and Elena. Love Italian names!

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