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Top 50 Long Baby Names

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Are you looking for a long baby name for your boy or girl? A long name lends a formal, elegant air, and has a grown-up sound, even when the boy or girl who owns it is young. If you're seeking a name that goes beyond one or two syllables, check out our list of the top 50 long baby names and their meanings!

Cute baby boySometimes parents avoid long names, fearing that they may be hard for their preschooler to learn to spell, but others prefer the look and sound of a longer name that sounds serious and significant. They are also a great option for families with a short, one-syllable surname -- the longer first name helps balance it out. Also, as longer names can often be shortened into a nickname, so the child will essentially have more options!

Some of these names are currently very popular in the United States, and some are unique and even obscure. They come from a wide variety of languages and cultures and are often a lot of fun to say and hear!

Long Baby Boy Names

1. Alexander: This is a Greek name that means "man's defender, warrior."
2. Anderson: Another version of the Scandinavian name Anders, which is itself a form of the name Andrew.
3. Anthony: This is the English form of an old Roman amily name (Antonius).
4. Benjamin: Meaning "son of the right hand," this is a Hebrew name.
5. Broderick: This name started out as a surname, which comes from the Welsh name Rhydderch.
6. Cameron: This Scottish Gaelic name means "crooked nose."
7. Christopher: A Greek name, this means "bearing Christ inside."
8. Cillian: This Irish name means "strife" and also possibly "church."
9. Cleveland: An Old English name, this name means "land of cliffs, hilly areas."
10. DeAndre: This name has an American origin and is a combination of the name Andre with the prefix De.
11. Demetrius: This Greek name means "follower of Demeter," who was the Greek goddess of corn and the harvest.
12. Dominic: This Latin name means "lord" and has a couple of other spellings: Dominik and Dominick.
13. Donovan: A Gaelic name, this name means "dark" and also "brown-haired chieftain."
14. Emerson: An Old English name, this means "Emery's son."
15. Finnegan: An Irish name, this means "fair."
16. Forrester: A version of the name Forest, this name means "woodsman."
17. Harrison: Meaning "son of Harry," this name has an English origin.
18. Jedidiah: This Biblical name means "beloved of the Lord."
19. Jeremiah: Another Hebrew name, this one means "the Lord exalts."
20. Marcellus: This Latin name is another form of the name Marcus.
21. Maximilian: This long Latin name means "greatest."
22. Montgomery: This name from Old French means "from Gomeric's hill."
23. Remington: An Old English name, this means "raven-family town."
24. Riordan: Meaning "bard, minstrel," this is an Irish name.
25. Zachary: This means "the Lord recalled" and is of Hebrew origin.

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Long Baby Girl Names

1. Alexandra: A Greek name, this is the feminine form of the name Alexander.
2. Annabelle: This name of Hebrew origins means "favored grace."
3. Araminta: This name was created by combining the names Arabella and Aminta.
4. Asteria: This name is from Greek mythology and was the name of a woman pursued by Zeus and who turned herself into a quail to avoid him.
5. Beatrix: This name means "life voyager" or "blessed."
6. Bethany: This Hebrew name means "house of figs."
7. Camilla: This Latin name comes from the Roman family name Camillus.
8. Christabel: A name of Latin and French origins, this means "beautiful Christian."
9. Cordelia: A Latin name meaning "heart," this name is known from Shakespeare's King Lear.
10. Dominica: Meaning "lord," this is another form of the name Dominique.
11. Elizabeth: A classic, popular name, this means "God's promise" and is of Hebrew origin.
12. Emmaline: This name has a variety of origins and means "peaceful home."
13. Evangeline: This Greek name means "good news."
14. Felicity: This Latin name means "happy."
15. Genevieve: An Old German name, this means "white wave."
16. Hermione: This Greek name means "messenger, earthly."
17. Iolanthe: This Greek name means "a violet flower."
18. Josephine: This is the feminine form of the name Joseph. It is Hebrew in origin and means "Jehovah increases."
19. Octavia: The feminine version of the name Octavius, this Latin name means "eighth."
20. Philomena: A Greek name, this means "powerful love."
21. Sapphira: This is another form of the name Sapphire, and is a jewel name indicating the birthstone for September.
22. Seraphinia: This Hebrew name means "the burning ones." It is the feminine form of the name Seraphim.
23. Valentina: This Latin name means "strong and healthy" and is a form of the saint's name Valentine.
24. Violetta: A form of the name Violet, this name means "the color purple."
25. Zipporah: Meaning "bird," this name has Hebrew origins.

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