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Top 50 Spiritual Baby Names

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You don’t have to be tied to any one religion or religious text in order to give your baby a spiritual name. It’s true that the Bible is one of the most well-stocked resources when it comes to names, but you can give your baby a title with an enduring meaning regardless of its origin. Here is our pick of the top 50 spiritual baby names for your boy or girl.

Spiritual Baby NamesSpirituality is deeply personal and very individual. Your child’s spirituality will take shape over the course of their lifetime, framed by the experiences they have, the choices they make, and how you raise them. Their spirituality will also shift if necessary to accommodate any changing beliefs they may have.

You will find that many spiritual names are best-suited to girls. It would seem, according to the list of the Social Security Administration’s top baby names, that parents are more willing to experiment with girls names. They are more likely to stick to Biblical names or the names of saints for their sons. After all, in the top 10 baby names for boys alone appear the very Biblical Jacob, Michael, Ethan, Joshua, Daniel, Alexander, Anthony, William, Christopher and Matthew.

The following spiritual names are suitable whether you’re Catholic or Jewish, read the Bible or the Torah, are a naturalist or merely spiritual with no ties to any religion. And the fact of the matter is, when you love a name and love it for your child, that’s a generous helping of spirituality infused into the letters of your child’s name right from the start, regardless of its meaning or derivation.

Top 50 Spiritual Baby Names

1. Abraham – father of many
2. Amity – friendship, harmony
3. Angel – messenger
4. Arcadia – paradise
5. Ariel – lion of God
6. Bliss – supreme happiness
7. Charity – generosity
8. Constance – steadfastness
9. Destiny – fate
10. Divinity – divine nature
11. Eden – delight
12. Elizabeth – God’s promise
13. Ever – beyond; other side
14. Faith – confidence
15. Felicity – happiness
16. Fortune – fortunate
17. Gabriel – hero of God
18. Genesis – origin
19. Gideon – powerful warrior
20. Grace – good will
21. Harmony – in concord
22. Haven – safe place
23. Heaven – literally, heaven
24. Honor – woman of honor
25. Hope – expectation, belief
26. Israel – God wrestler
27. Jael – God’s power
28. John – the Lord is gracious
29. Justice – righteous
30. Kismet – portion or lot
31. Liberty – freedom
32. Love – love, affection
33. Malachi – my messenger
34. Mary – star of the sea
35. Mercy – compassion
36. Micah – who resembles God
37. Miracle – wonder
38. Nevaeh – heaven spelled backwards
39. Patience – enduring
40. Pax – peace
41. Prudence – provident
42. Seraphina – fiery ones; angel
43. Serenity – peacefulness
44. Shiloh – His gift
45. Temperance – moderation
46. Trinity – threefold
47. True – strength of the spear
48. Verity – truth
49. Virtue – strength
50. Zion – highest point

Whatever name you choose for your child, you want it to have great meaning. After all, some people believe that a name sets the pattern for someone’s life and destiny. But whatever name you christen your child with, keep in mind that at some point in their future they may choose their own spiritual direction.

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written by cara, August 03, 2009
I love "Eden" - very pretty :)
written by Rhonda, August 16, 2009
I like Honor. Its different
written by melinda, September 03, 2010
I am liking harlow for a boy

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