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Top 50 Traditional Boy Names

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Traditional boy names are names which are steadfast, strong and have a long history and tradition behind them. Many times boy names are passed down through the generations from father to son and have sustained their popularity despite the passage of years. Come check out our list of the Top 50 traditional baby boy names, along with their origins and meanings!

Cute baby boy rolling on carpetTraditional names are those that tend to maintain their appeal from generation to generation. These aren't names that come in and out of favor; in fact, these names will remain commonly used by young parents in any given year.

Some of these names are ones you grew up with and others are just a little less common but with no fewer historical ties.

Many traditional names are biblical in origin, and also many of these names have been used by royalty and others in high office or in history books. By picking one of these names you don't have to worry about his name going out of style.

Have fun browsing our list of traditional baby boy names and their meanings!

Top 50 Traditional Baby Boy Names

1. Adam: A popular name that comes from a Hebrew word, adama, this means "red earth."

2. Andrew: A Greek name, this means "warrior."

3. Aston: This was originally an English surname, and means "eastern town."

4. Barrett: This name might possibly be derived from the French word barat, which means "traffic, commerce."

5. Beau: This is a French name and comes from the word beau, which means "handsome." Pronounced "bo."

6. Blake: This name comes from Old English words meaning "black" and "shining."

7. Brice: This name has Celtic origins and means "force, strength." Can also be spelled Bryce.

8. Burton: This name originated as a place name and means "town" or "fortress."

9. Cedric: This name was invented by Sir Walter Scott for a character in Ivanhoe (Cedric the Saxon).

10. Charles: A popular and enduring choice, this name means "free man" and has Old German roots.

11. Christian: Meaning "a follower of Christ," this name has Greek roots.

12. Clinton: This comes from Middle English roots and means "cliff, slope."

13. Dale: This name comes from an Old English word (dael) which means "dale, hollow, valley."

14. Darren: This name, of Irish and Gaelic origin, means "great." Can also be spelled Darin.

15. David: A Hebrew name, this means "beloved."

16. Edmund: This comes from an Old English name (Eadmund) and means "wealthy protection."

17. Edward: An name with Old English origins, this means "wealthy guard."

18. Elliot: This comes from a French name that also has Hebrew roots and means "Jehovah is God." Also popularly spelled Elliott.

19. Eric: From the Old Norse name Eirikr, this name means "eternal ruler." This name was introduced to England by Vikings before the Norman Conquest, which started in 1066.

20. Foster: This name comes from a Middle English word that means "caretaker, nurse."

21. Galen: This name comes from a Greek physician and has the meaning of "calm."

22. Garret: This is another version of the name Gerald, which means "ruler with the spear." Can also be spelled Garrett.

23. Geoffrey: Meaning "peace," this Old German name can also be spelled Jeffrey.

24. Gordon: This name was originally a Scottish surname.

25. Graham: An Old English name, this means "gray homestead, gravel area."

26. Harrison: This name means simply "son of Harry or Henry."

27. Isaac: Coming from a Greek name, which in turn comes from a Hebrew name, this means "he will laugh."

28. Jacob: Meaning "he who supplants," this name has Hebrew roots.

29. John: This enduring biblical name comes from Middle Latin and means "God is gracious."

30. Joseph: Another biblical name, this means "may he add" and is Hebrew in origin.

31. Lance: An Old French name, this means "land."

32. Lucas: This Latin name means "light."

33. Mark: This is the English version of the Latin name Marcus, and means "war-like" or possibly "manly."

34. Matthew: This Hebrew name means "gift of the Lord."

35. Michael: This name comes from a Hebrew phrase which means "who is like God."

36. Nolan: This name comes from an Irish surname which means "descendant of Nuallan."

37. Patrick: This name means "noble" and comes from Latin.

38. Paul: This popular Latin name means "small."

39. Peter: This name has both Greek and Latin roots and means "rock."

40. Philip: This name comes from the Latin name Philippus and means "lover of horses." Can also be spelled Phillip.

41. Quentin: Meaning "the fifth," this name comes from Latin.

42. Quincy: This French name means "estate of the fifth son."

43. Richard: This name has French and German roots and means "strong judgment."

44. Russell: This name comes from the Old French word roussel, which means "red haired."

45. Samuel: This name has Latin, Greek and Hebrew roots and means "name of God."

46. Thaddeus: This Latin and Greek name means "God's gift" and is frequently shortened to Thad or Tad.

47. Thomas: Of Aramaic origin, this name means "twin." A timeless choice.

48. Tristan: This Celtic name is the name of a tragic legendary hero in Arthurian legend.

49. Troy: This name comes from a place in Normandy called Troyes.

50. William: This name comes from the Old Norman name Willaume, which means "resolute protector."

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