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Top 50 Traditional Girl Names

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Many parents are now seeking traditional names for their baby girl. These are typically names that are often in common use today but tend to avoid the "trendy" label. Many of these names never grow old or leave a "generational" taste in one's mouth after a decade or two. Come browse our list of the Top 50 raditional girl names and their meanings and see for yourself!

Cute baby girl holding a flowerEven though some of these names may have been popular decades (or even hundreds of years) ago, they still have a modern feel to them while retaining years of meaning and history.

The names here are sometimes more common than unique, but many have the advantage of being easily spelled and pronounced.

Still, we have a few names here that you might not have thought of right away when considering traditional names, and we hope that you are inspired by our list of these wonderful girl names for your baby!


Top 50 Traditional Girl Names

1. Abigail: This name, often nicknamed Abby, has Hebrew origins and means "father of exaltation."

2. Agatha: From a Greek word, agathos, this name means "good, kind."

3. Alicia: Another form of the name Alice, this name means "nobility."

4. Andrea: This is an English feminine form of the Greek name Andreas, which means "man."

5. Anna: This name can trace its roots through French and Latin, and means "full of grace."

6. Audrey: This name has Old English roots and means "noble strength."

7. Beatrix: Meaning "she who brings happiness," this is a Latin name.

8. Bethany: This name comes from the name of a biblical town near Jerusalem and means "house of figs."

9. Bonnie: A Scottish name, this means "pretty, pleasant." It comes from the French word bon which means "good."

10. Camilla: This name, from Latin, means "virgin of unblemished character."

11. Caroline: This popular name is the feminine form of the Latin name Carolus, which is a version of the name Charles and means "full grown."

12. Catherine: Another popular name with a bevy of nickname possibilities, this name has Greek roots and means "pure."

13. Clara: This Latin name means "bright, clear."

14. Corinne: This is the French form of the name Corinna and means "maiden."

15. Delia: This is the feminine form of the Latin name Delius, which means "from the island of Delos."

16. Dorothea: From Greek, this name means "gift of God."

17. Eliza: This is a shortened form of the name Elizabeth, which means "God is my oath."

18. Emily: This name with Latin roots means "eager."

19. Eudora: This Greek name means "good gift" and comes from mythology.

20. Felicia: This is the feminine form of the name Felix which means "happy, lucky."

21. Flora: This name comes from the Latin word meaning "flower."

22. Gabrielle: This is the feminine form of the name Gabriel, which means "God is my strength."

23. Hope: A virtue name, this means what you think it does -- "expectation, hope."

24. Isadora: This name of Greek and Latin roots means "gift of Isis."

25. Ivy: This name comes from the Old English word for the climbing plant, "ifig."

26. Jean: This is the English version of the French name Jeanne, which is a form of the name Jane, and means "God is gracious."

27. Joanna: A feminine version of the name Joannes (also meaning "God is gracious") this name has Greek origins.

28. Laurel: This name comes from the name of an evergreen plant.

29. Leta: A Latin name, this means "glory."

30. Lorna: This name was coined by an English novelist during the 19th century.

31. Lydia: This Greek name means "woman from Lydia." Lydia was the name of an ancient kingdom in Asia Minor.

32. Maria: This is the Latin form of the name Mary.

33. Mary: This name comes from a Hebrew name and means "sea of bitterness, sorrow." This name is widely popular and timeless.

34. Miranda: This name was coined by Shakespeare for his last play, "The Tempest." It comes from a Latin word meaning "wonderful."

35. Nicole: This is a French name and is the French form of the name Nicholas, which means "victory of the people."

36. Olive: This name comes from the name of the olive tree, a branch of which is considered a sign of peace.

37. Phoebe: This Greek name means "radiant, bright."

38. Portia: This name comes from an old Roman family name and is also the name of the heroine in Shakespeare's play "The Merchant of Venice."

39. Rachel: This name has Latin and Greek roots and comes from a Hebrew word meaning "ewe."

40. Rebecca: Another name that has Greek and Latin roots, this means "to bind, tie."

41. Regina: This name gained popularity during the Victorian era and suitably means "queen."

42. Rosalie: This French name means "rose garden."

43. Sabrina: Of Celtic origin, this name comes from Celtic mythology.

44. Sarah: This timeless classic come from Hebrew and means "princess."

45. Silvia: This is the feminine version of the Latin name Silvius, which means "of the woods." It is also popularly spelled Sylvia.

46. Sophia: Popular today as it has been for generations, this is a Greek name which means "wisdom, skill."

47. Tara: This name comes from a hill that was the ancient seat of kingship in central Ireland.

48. Theodora: Meaning "God's gift," this name was first used in England in the 17th century.

49. Valerie: This name comes from an old Roman family name and means "to be strong, healthy."

50. Verity: Another virtue name, this means "truth."

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