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Top 50 Trendy Baby Names

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Are you looking for a trendy name for your baby girl or boy? The truly fashionable folks know what’s hip, hot (or haute), cool, chic and the like. But you can’t alter a baby’s name as easily as you can change your clothes. You have a one-time-only chance at getting it right. Take a look at our choices for the top 50 trendy baby names, made up of today’s trends, names in the news, baby names chosen by celebs and the Social Security Administration baby-naming statistics. Do any of them make your list?

Cute baby girlA name that might seem out-of-date to one parent could seem very in vogue to another (think Henry, Eileen, Nolan or Louisa). Baby-naming can be likened to developing your personal style – there won’t be a person who can change your mind about what you love. And you’ll defend your tendencies no matter what anyone else thinks of you, especially including one of the biggest additions to your “wardrobe” – your child and their name. After all, once you fall in love with something – be it a purse, a restaurant, a house, a hairstyle… a name – it can be hard to let it go.

As they say in fashion, observe the trends, but only choose them if they’re right for you. The same goes with baby naming. You have to select the name that’s right for you and your child, regardless of what’s popular, or even what isn’t. To us, fashionable means you have chosen a certain style and there will be no wishy-washy attitude about the baby name that will best suit your little one. Fashion trends may come and go, but your baby is here to stay – will their name be something they’ll love to flaunt (and something you can live with forever)?

Check out our pick of the top 50 trendy baby names!

1. Abigail
2. Alexander
3. Alice
4. Anthony
5. Ava
6. Bella
7. Chloe
8. Christopher
9. Daniel
10. Elizabeth
11. Ella
12. Emily
13. Emma
14. Ethan
15. Ever
16. Everleigh
17. Finley
18. Harlow
19. Harper
20. Honor
21. Isabella
22. Isaiah
23. Jack
24. Jackson
25. Jacob
26. James
27. Jasper
28. Joshua
29. Kourtney
30. Madison
31. Matilda
32. Matthew
33. Max
34. Michael
35. Miley
36. Nahla
37. Olivia
38. Paris
39. Piper
40. Roman
41. Rowan
42. Scarlet
43. Seraphina
44. Sophia
45. Tabitha
46. Taylor
47. Violet
48. William
49. Willow
50. Winter

For more baby-name shopping, consider these options:

 If you want to be authentically fashionable with your baby name, there are plenty of clothes horses out there who have made their mark on the world of fashion, from Betsey Johnson to Vera Wang, Calvin Klein to Louis Vuitton, Manolo Blahnik to Jimmy Choo. And never underestimate the staying power of a last name as a first name. One-name wunderkinds of the fashion world have made their mark (Versace, Hermes, Mossimo, Valentino, etc.) – your child can too! 
• Maybe you’re a slave to fashion magazines. Consider a very literal translation of the publication’s name for your child: Lucky, Glamour, Vogue, Bazaar or Allure.
 Fashion-forward folks know that Sex and the City was always the place to see “the” dos and don’ts of the latest styles. Consider paying homage to the heels that have click-clacked down the streets of Manhattan: Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbes (and for the fellas: John Preston, Steve Brady, Smith Jerrod, Harry Goldenblatt).

You’re as fashionable as you want to be… and, as long as you’re in love with your child’s name, it will always be the finest couture you’ve ever seen.

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