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Top 50 Unusual Boy Names

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Are you searching for an unusual baby boy name? While traditional names like John, Joe and Matt will always maintain their popularity, today’s parents want a name that will help their child stand out. Following suit of the celebrities who name their kids Maddox, Bronx and even Pilot Inspektor (OK, that one is a little too strange), parents are seeking out unusual names. Check out our pick of the top 50 unusual boy names for your future trendsetter.

unusual baby boyHere we have compiled some of the most popular unusual baby boy names, from sources including the Social Security Administration and pop culture, as well as their meanings.

1. Aiden (and other names ending in "aden" such as Braden, Caden and Hayden): This Celtic name has become increasingly popular due to the character on Sex and the City. It means "little fire."

2. Ari: Of Hebrew origin, it means "lion" or "eagle."

3. Austin: This name, a form of Augustine, is Latin for "ingenious."

4. Brayden: This Celtic name means "brave."

5. Brock: An Old English name meaning "badger-like."

6. Brody: Of Irish origins, it means "ditch."

7. Caleb: This name means "faithful" in Hebrew.

8. Calvin: Of French origin and popular in Christian religions, this name means "little bald one."

9. Cameron: Of Scottish/Christian origin, it means "crooked nose."

10. Carter: Of Old English origin, Carter literally means "driver of a cart."

11. Chase: This English/Christian name means "hunter."

12. Connor: This Irish/Christian name means "lover of hounds."

13. Damon: Means "constant" in Greek. Variations include Daimen and Daymon.

14. Diego: Of Mexican origin, Diego is the Spanish form of James.

15. Dominic: This Latin name means "of God."

16. Donovan: This Irish/Christian name means "chieftain."

17. Drake: An Old English name meaning "dragon."

18. Dylan: This Welsh name means "son of the sea."

19. Elias: This Hebrew name translates to "the Lord is my God."

20. Elijah: Hebrew name meaning "The Lord is my God."

21. Ethan: Means "firm, steadfast" in Hebrew.

22. Finn: This name may have gained popularity due to Julia Roberts' son's name. It could be a nickname for Finley, Finnegan, or Phinneaus. It has Irish, Hebrew and Gaelic origins and means "fair hero," "descendent of Fionnagan" or "oracle."

23. Gavin: This Celtic name means "little hawk."

24. Grayson: Of Middle English origin, it means "son of the steward."

25. Hunter: Of Old English origin, this occupational surname means "hunter." (We could have guessed that, right?)

26. Jackson: Of Old English origin, it means "son of Jack."

27. Jaden/Jayden: Of American and/or Hebrew origins, it is a combination of Jay and Aiden. In Hebrew, it means "God has heard."

28. Jordan: This name translates to "to flow down" in Hebrew.

29. Josiah: This Hebrew name translates to "Jehovah supports."

30. Keegan: This Irish/Christian name means "small flame."

31. Landon: Of Old English origin, Landon translates to "long hill."

32. Liam: This Irish/Christian name is actually a shortened version of William.

33. Logan: This Celtic name means "little hollow."

34. Lucas: This is a Greek form of Luke that was originally used as a surname.

35. Miles: Latin for "a soldier, merciful."

36. Nolan: An Irish/Christian name meaning "champion."

37. Oliver: The Latin translation is "olive tree."

38. Owen: In Welsh, this name translates to "well-born."

39. Pierce: This English name means "rock."

40. Russell: Translates to "little red one" in Portuguese.

41. Ryder: This English name means "horseman."

42. Sebastian: Of Portuguese origin, this name means "man from Sebaste" in Latin.

43. Tobias/Toby: Hebrew for "God is good."

44. Trace: This American name is considered to be a short name for Tracy.

45. Tyler: Of Old English origin, Tyler means "tiler, roofer."

46. Vaughn: This Welsh name means "little."

47. Wyatt: Old English for "brave in war."

48. Xavier: Translates to "new house" in Basque.

49. Zachary/Zach: In Hebrew it means "God has remembered."

50. Zane: This name means "God has been gracious" in Hebrew.

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written by Dexter Joe D. Daquioag, August 25, 2010
pls. help me find my baby boy name. i should like it in two words, starts in letter F & A....just like my first son, his name is Fraz Adriel.pls,,tnx

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