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Top 50 Unusual Girl Names

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Looking for a unique or unusual baby girl name that will help your daughter stand out in a crowd? Striking a balance between monikers that are not too common and others that are just way out in left field can be hard work! Find some inspiration from the top 50 unusual girl names hitting the charts by reading on.

Baby-girl-holding-flowerMovie Character Baby Names

There’s no doubt that Hollywood has its share of influence on the top baby names each year. Some notable names from popular flicks include Twilight character Bella, an alternate to ever-popular Isabella, which is sure to start a following of its own. Juno (as in the movie namesake) is a girl name that is popping up in a nursery near you.

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Hot Celebrity Baby Names

Movies aren’t the only hot Hollywood source for unusual names, celebrity baby names are a hot spot for trendy names. Successful trend-setters include Nicole Richie and hubbie Joel Madden with their daughter’s name Harlow, which seems to have a following of its own. Singer/actress Miley Cyrus is sure to have more than a few namesakes, with this tween sensation’s nickname turned stage name. Demi Moore and ex-hubby Bruce Willis named their daughter Scout, which took a while but has caught on. Jada and Mila are climbing the charts, thanks in part to Jada Pinket and Mila Jovovich. What other Hollywood handles spark an interest in you?

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Spiritual Baby Girl Names 

They may have been gone for a while, but they’re back with the conviction of the meanings they hold. Destiny is back on the rise, followed by Trinity, while Faith, Davina, and Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards) are making comebacks of their own. Genesis has also made her way back on the list, along with names like Clarity and Harmony. You can also look to the skies for inspiration with names gaining momentum like Aurora. The only concern with these monikers is the standard at which they might be held!

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Unisex Baby Names

Parents who choose names that look good in both pink and blue for their bundles of joy will never be accused of being traditional. Names like Taylor, Sydney, Morgan, Riley, Jordan, and Avery are being used for girls, too. The trend of using unisex names has been growing for a while, and these chart-toppers are proof that it is only the beginning for these labels.

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Not Too Off-the-Wall

Names that may be seen as unusual are actually becoming more common. If you’re looking for a name that may blend in with the trends, try chart-climbing names like Addison or Brooklyn. Names such as Elsa and Willow are popping up on the charts as well, making it easier for parents-to-be to get their unusual name without having their little princess stand too much out from the crowd.

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Way off in Left Field

However, if you’re looking for names that are appearing on popular charts, but are sure to catch the ears that hear them, try a few of these names on your baby-to-be: Brenna, Celyn, Corinne, Eithne, Flannery, Gemma, Ilona, Kai, Linnea, Maeve, Mara, Petra, Pilar, Quinn, Saria, Shira, Tallie, Taryn, Wynn, or Zaria. Unusual names such as Annika, Baila, Keeley, Larissa, and Nyssa sound like common names, but have a modern twist of their own.

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No matter how unusual the name, if it’s on the charts, you’re not the only proud parents to think of it. Just remember to consider the fact that your baby girl will be sporting this moniker for the rest of her life. She may give you a peace of her mind about it when she’s older!


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written by gemma, November 05, 2010
picking names is soo hard!
written by Grace R, June 27, 2011
Nevaeh is so tacky. What a gross name for a little girl, with all the cute options out there...

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