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Top 50 Unisex Baby Names

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Unisex baby names are names that can be used for either a boy or a girl. Often called androgynous names, some titles are so middle-ground (such as Taylor or Hunter) it’s difficult to know whether or not it’s a name originally meant for a girl or a boy. Other names are definitely more feminine (Addison) or more masculine (Carson) but still fall into both categories. Check out our pick of the top 50 unisex baby names.

Unisex baby namesSome names that have been historically considered boys names are now being used more commonly for girls. Oftentimes, a gender-neutral name can be made more specific by the way a parent chooses to spell it (for example, Jordan for a boy and Jordyn for a girl).

If you do prefer a unisex name for your baby, you may want to select a more gender-specific middle name to help ward off confusion in at least some instances. Or if you’re happy leaving people guessing, have at it.

Below we have comprised the top 50 unisex baby names. Both little lads and ladies can be found sporting these androgynous names, but the numbers in parentheses show where they rank for 2008 according to the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) list of names for baby boys and girls. Many of the names lean toward girls only or boys only, which you’ll see reflected in the SSA number in parentheses. For the handful of monikers that have yet to decide on which side of the gender line they care to stay, both the boy and girl rankings are provided.

1. Addison (Girls #12)
2. Ashley (Girls #18)
3. Ashton (Boys #121)
4. Avery (Girls #38)
5. Bailey (Girls #82)
6. Cameron (Boys #53)
7. Carson (Boys #89)
8. Carter (Boys #65)
9. Casey (Boys #336, Girls #466)
10. Corey (Boys #289)
11. Dakota (Boys #226, Girls #267)
12. Devin (Boys #109)
13. Drew (Boys #244)
14. Emerson (Girls #290)
15. Harley (Girls #415, Boys #592)
16. Harper (Girls #297)
17. Hayden (Boys #76)
18. Hunter (Boys #54)
19. Jaiden/Jayden (Boys #168, Girls #176)
20. Jamie (Girls #263)
21. Jaylen (Boys #184)
22. Jesse (Boys #110)
23. Jordan (Boys #48, Girls #130)
24. Justice (Boys #432, Girls #542)
25. Kai (Boys #229)
26. Kelly (Girls #248)
27. Kelsey (Girls #195)
28. Kendall (Girls #148)
29. Kennedy (Girls #115)
30. Lane (Boys #319)
31. Logan (Boys #19)
32. Mackenzie (Girls #65)
33. Madison (Girls #4)
34. Marley (Girls #146)
35. Mason (Boys #35)
36. Morgan (Girls #46)
37. Parker (Boys #103)
38. Peyton (Girls #60, Boys #130)
39. Piper (Girls #172)
40. Quinn (Boys #280)
41. Reagan (Girls #141)
42. Reese (Girls #154)
43. Riley (Girls #39, Boys #106)
44. Rowan (Boys #340, Girls #469)
45. Ryan (Boys #18)
46. Shane (Boys #174)
47. Shawn (Boys #195)
48. Sydney (Girls #49)
49. Taylor (Girls #22)
50. Tristan (Boys #81)

While most parents allow their name selection to be guided based on the child’s gender, there are some couples who settle on a name from before birth regardless of the child’s sex. It could be a family name that you want to pass on, or just a name that you simply like and intend to use. However you choose, going with a unisex name is sure to cause confusion at some point in your child’s life, but it can also make them stand out from the crowd if your androgynous selection is not one of the most popular names in the book.

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