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Top 50 Trendsetting Baby Girl Names

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Are you looking for a trendsetting and unique baby girl name? For  girl names that are not only popular but have a zing and uniqueness that many new parents are after, be sure to check out our collection of the 50 most trendsetting names for baby girls!

Baby girl namesYou are sure to find a trendsetting choice in our list of baby girl names.


Virtue Names

Virtue names are currently in vogue and on the rise. A virtue name is one that is literally a word (from English or sometimes even another language) whose meaning is that of a virtue that you hope for your child to have.

These names originated with the Puritans and were used quite a bit in the 16th and 17th century, and while some names will probably not make it to your short list (such as "Stand-fast-on-high" or "Weep-not") many of the names used back then are trendy today.

Amity (friendship)
Charity (one of the three Christian virtues mentioned in the Bible)
Liberty (freedom, free)

Verity (truth)

Place Names

Naming your baby girl after a city or country you love or a place that holds special meaning for you is another current trend that is popular with moms and dads in your neighborhood -- as well as in Hollywood!

Arden (forest of Arden from Shakespeare's, As You Like It)
Brooklyn (New York) -- can also be spelled Brooklynn, or Brooke Lynne
Cheyenne (Wyoming)
Cimarron (name of a city in Kansas as well as a river)
Dallas (Texas, and also a village in Scotland)
(island in the Hebrides off the coast of Scotland)
Kenya (Africa)
London (England)
Paris (France)

Green Names

With the worldwide emphasis on recycling and conservation, environmental, natural and green names are on the cutting edge for new parents. Whether naming your girl after your favorite flower is in your plans or not, there are other names you can choose that mean "green" also. Check these names out for inspiration!

Avani (Sanskrit; means "earth")
Brenna (Gaelic; means "little drop of water")
Ianthe (Greek; means "violet flower")
Lani (Hawaiian; means "sky")
Leith (Gaelic; means "broad river")
Linnea (Scandinavian; means "lime tree")
Midori (Japanese name meaning "green")
Talise (Native American; means "lovely water")
Verna (Latin; means "spring green")
Zahra (Arabic, means "white, flower")

Gaelic Girl Names

There is also an upswing in nurseries featuring babies with Gaelic names -- either Scottish or Irish in origin. These names are cute and trendy and have a rich history behind them as well!

Bree (anglicised form of the Irish name Bríghe)
Cailin (means "girl")
Enya (means "kernel")
Fiona (means "pale, fair")
Imogen (means "maiden")
Maeve (means "intoxicating")
Moira (means "star of the sea")
Riley (means "courageous")
Riona (means "queenly")
Sheridan (means "seeker")

Old Fashioned Girl Names

Other names that are becoming popular again are names we might associate with our elders. We see styles and trends coming in full circle after a generation or two, and names are no exception! What your parents might associate with "older folks" might be a fitting and beautiful name for your newborn.

Alice (Old German; means "noble")
Cora (English; means "maiden")
Evelyn (transferred use of an English surname)
Hazel (Old English; means "hazel tree")
Helen (Greek; means "sun, shining light")
Lillian (Latin; means "lily")
Lorene (Latin; means "laurel plant")
Ruby (English; means "the red gemstone")
Ruth (Hebrew; means "friend, companion")
Stella (Latin; means "star")

From our list of buzzworthy girl names, we hope that you find one to your liking, or that you become inspired to seek out a trendy name of your own!

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