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Top 20 Bad Boy Baby Names

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Everyone has an opinion on baby names, especially when the time comes to share the names you love. It can sometimes be hard to deal with the opinion of others, but a recent study claims that certain names for baby boys will make them more likely to be on the wrong side of the law. Read on for the list of the top 20 bad baby names!

Bad boy baby namesIn your quest for a baby name you will undoubtedly get suggestions and input from many people -- from your mother-in-law to your brother to a stranger next to you on the bus. Naming a human being is a huge responsibility, and adding to that the burden of possibly regaling your boy to a life of crime simply because of his name might be too overwhelming to contemplate.

Top 10 Bad Boy Baby Names

According to Shippensburg University professor David Kalist, the top bad baby names for boys are:

1. Alec
2. Ernest
3. Garland
4. Ivan
5. Kareem
6. Luke
7. Malcolm
8. Preston
9. Tyrell
10. Walter

This list is based on studies Kalist and his associate, Daniel Lee, conducted and comes from a list of 15,000 names given to boy babies in the late 80s and how the boys turned out. They state that the more unusual a name, the more likely the boy will be to turn to juvenile delinquency.

Bad to the Bone Baby Names

Author Diane Stafford chimes in on the subject in her book 60,001+ Best Baby Names. The book includes over 200 lists consisiting of, for example, "Names That Make Kids Feel Weird" and "Future TV Anchors," among other things. According to her, some of the less desirable names (or, "Bad-to-the-Bone, Death Row Names") are:

1. Adolph
2. Excell
3. Jeffery
4. John
5. Mack
6. Randy
7. Ricky
8. Speck
9. Stanley
10. Windell

There are opinions on both sides of the "unusual name" debate. For example, family members are only too happy to tell an expectant couple that naming their innocent baby a creative name like Draven or Wilder will scar him for life and he will be mercilessly bullied because of it. It does stand to reason that if a boy is saddled with a very unique name and is subjected to years of teasing then he may grow up bitter and seek improper outlets for his anger and resentment.

The Kalist-Lee study also found that the less schooling the parents have, the more likely they will choose an unusual or unpopular name, so there may be socio-economic reasons behind the phenomenon. There is also the factor that males are more often judged by not only their appearance but their first names as well, and being viewed unfavorably by others can often lead to feeling badly about one's self.

On the other side of the debate, there is no guarantee -- at all -- that a child will be harassed because of his name. Current baby names, in fact, are trending away from steadfast traditional names such as John and Michael -- the top baby name in 2008, according to the Social Security Administration, was Jacob, with names like Jayden, Logan and Noah making the top 20.  See the entire list of top 100 boy baby names here.

The Bottom Line

Modern parents often wish for their child to have a more unique name to help them stand out from the crowd and to also avoid being known as Ryan K. or James B. Also, the sheer numbers of Ivans, Lukes, Walters and Alecs (as well as the rest of the top 10) who didn't grow up to be hardened criminals has to be taken into account, as well as those who have been wildly successful despite their supposed bad-boy name.

Ultimately the decision is up to you, the parents. Whether you've had a name in mind for years or you're still searching, you are going to be the one to teach your child his name, show him how to write it when he gets older, help encourage his personality and provide wonderful childhood memories.

If your aunt insists that you cannot call him Eric because she knew a cousin's-wife's-brother's-uncle who was named Eric and turned out to be an embezzler, you can rest assured that there are a plethora of other Erics that turned out just fine!

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