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Top 50 Three-Syllable Baby Names

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Classic three-syllable baby names can sound romantic and distinguished. They stand out from the crowd. (Though they also scream to be turned into a nickname.) If you have a one- or two-syllable surname, your child can rock most any three-syllable first name like Isabelle, Rebecca, Solomon or Dakota.

Baby boy and momPerhaps you’re in love with a two-syllable name but think a three-syllable name would better suit your child’s last name. Consider modifying it to fit: Susan becomes Susanna, Anna becomes Annalee, Jacob becomes Jacobus, Lily becomes Lillian and Nathan becomes Nathaniel. In today’s day and age, you can alter most any name to fit, whether you’re switching its spelling or number of syllables or both.

The top 50 three-syllable baby names listed below were drawn from the Social Security Administration’s list of the most popular names for boys and girls. Trends for three-syllable boy names lean toward those with Biblical origins as well as Spanish-related influences. A number of girl names have been derived from the masculine version of that same name.

3 Syllable Baby Names for Boys

• Anthony – flourishing
• Benjamin – son of the right hand
• Cameron – crooked nose
• Christopher – bearing Christ inside
• Damian – to tame, subdue
• Dominic – lord
• Eduardo – wealthy guard (variant of Edward)
• Elias – the Lord is my God (variant of Elijah)
• Elijah – the Lord is my God
• Fernando – adventurer
• Gabriel – God’s able-bodied one; hero of God
 Isaiah – salvation of God
• Jeremy – the Lord exalts (variant of Jeremiah)
• Jonathan – gift of God
 Joshua – Jehovah is salvation
• Josiah – Jehovah helps
• Julian – Jove’s child (variant of Julius)
• Malachi – messenger of God
• Nathaniel – God has given
• Nicholas – people of victory
• Oliver – olive tree
• Ricardo – powerful leader (variant of Richard)
• Sebastian – revered
• Timothy – God’s honor
• Zachary – the Lord recalled (variant of Zachariah)

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3 Syllable Baby Names for Girls:

 Abigail – father of exaltation
• Addison – son of Adam (yes, “son” – Addison is a surname used as a given name)
• Alexa – defender, protector, noble (variant of Alexandra)
• Alexis – defender, protector (variant of Alexandra)
• Allison – noble, exalted
• Alyssa – rational (variant of Alicia)
• Avery – elf counsel (feminine form of Alfred)
• Brianna – high, noble, exalted (feminine form of Brian)
• Destiny – one’s certain fortune; fate
• Emily – rival; laborious; eager
• Evelyn – uncertain; possibly desired
• Jessica – He sees
 Katherine – pure
• Kimberly – from the wood of the royal forest
 Lillian – lily
• Mackenzie – fire-born; son of the wise ruler (also used as a boy’s name)
• Madeline/Madelyn – woman from Magdala; tower
• Madison – son of the mighty warrior
• Makayla/Micaela – who resembles God (feminine form of Michael)
• Maria – star of the sea (variant of Mary)
• Natalie – birthday
 Nevaeh – heaven spelled backwards
• Samantha – God heard
• Savannah – treeless plain
• Sophia/Sofia – wisdom

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Every parent should take some time to pay attention to the sound of their child’s full name before actually writing that name on the birth certificate. Choosing to acknowledge or ignore language techniques can make all the difference between your child having a melodic name or one that just sounds like noise.

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