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Top ranked baby name for each letter of the alphabet

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Did you ever read the children's book Ten Kids, No Pets? The parents named their brood in alphabetical order — the oldest received the first A name in the baby name book and the youngest got the tenth name beginning with J. That's certainly one way to simplify a sometimes overwhelming task! This got us wondering — are there less risky ways to run through the alphabet? 

Rather than simply taking the name that comes first alphabetically, we decided to see which name currently ranks as most popular for each first initial. It presents a fun group of names: common names with common first initials, uncommon names with uncommon first initials.

Top ranked baby names for boys

It took going as far as the 480th most popular name for baby boys to get one for each letter of the alphabet. Can you guess which initial was the hardest to find? Not X or Z — both of those names rank in the top 100!

Top ranked baby names for girls

Checking out how deep you have to get into the chart to find your first initial of choice can be enlightening — just how difficult it will be to get your hands on first initial stationery and jewelry for your baby girl? We actually had to venture outside the top 1000 to complete our chart, but only for one truly unique initial.

Do any of the names surprise you? We would have expected Ursula to rank higher, but Phoebe Buffay's ditzy waitress twin hasn't been enough to overcome the tentacled Disney villain reference. We were probably most surprised that T names didn't appear until about 60 spots in on both lists — almost as low as P!

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