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Trendy two-syllable middle names for boys

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What middle name pairs well with a long first name? A short first name? Any first name? A two-syllable middle name! We've brought you our favorites, sorted by trend, to suit any baby boy from Al to Zachariah.

Family naming traditions often make parents' middle name decisions for them, particularly for firstborn sons. If you find yourself with the freedom to choose any middle name you like, don't forget to consider rhythm. We love the versatility (and overwhelming supply) of two-syllable middle names. They round out short monikers (James Carter) without adding bulk to longer ones (Christopher Alan).

While drawing up arbitrary rules for your child's name often creates unnecessary obstacles, limiting the field by character or syllable count simply narrows down the pool of candidates. You can apply this filter to any category of names without minimizing your options. We have listed examples from three of the top middle name trends for boys to get you started.

Surnames as middle names

It is easy to see why surnames rank so highly on the baby name charts. They sound familiar to the ear, they honor loved ones of past generations, and they cannot go out of style. While many parents choose surnames from their families, we see no reason to make this a hard and fast rule. After all, people choose traditional names as middle names with no ties to their lineage — why should surnames be any different?

Old-fashioned classic first names as middle names

Jump on the bandwagon of ironically edgy old-timey names. Many of these sound a bit grandpa in the first name slot, but they add just the right amount of character when you stick them in the middle. Check out these classics from the 1880s.

Non-name middle names

Here it is. Your chance to go wild. If you played it particularly safe with your son's first name, feel free to exercise more creative license with the middle. Comic book heroes, pop star stage personas, whimsical adjectives? All fair game. Even narrowing the field to two-syllable candidates leaves nearly limitless possibilities. If nothing else, your son might be able to say, "'Danger' is my middle name" and mean it.

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