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Tres belle! Beautiful French baby names for girls

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

There is something so light and lovely about French baby names. We've compiled a list of some of the prettiest baby girl names of French origin to help you narrow down your baby name search. 

  • Abrielle: "Secure, protected"
  • Adelais: "Serene"
  • Aimee: "Loved"
  • Alberta:  "Noble and bright"
  • Annette: "Gracious"
  • Antoinette: "Priceless"
  • Arielle: "Lioness of God"
  • Audra:  "Noble strength"
  • Babette: "Foreigner"
  • Bernadette: "Brave"
  • Blanche: "White"
  • Blondelle:  "Fair-haired"
  • Brigette: "Strong"
  • Burgundy:  "From Burgundy"
  • Cachet: "Desirous"
  • Camille:  "Young ceremonial attendant"
  • Cantrelle:   "Song"
  • Carola:  "Song of joy"
  • Cerise:  "Cherry red"
  • Charlisa: "Little and womanly"

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  • Champagne: "Wine"
  • Chantrice: "Singer"
  • Charla:  "Little and womanly"
  • Claire: "Bright"
  • Claudette:  "The lame"
  • Collette: "Victorious"
  • Darcy: "Fortress"
  • Denise:  "Goddess of wine"
  • Desta: "Fate"
  • Dior: "Gold"
  • Dixie: "Tenth"
  • Elaina: "Light"
  • Elise:  "Loved by God"
  • Esme: "Emerald"
  • Estelle: "Star"
  • Fawna:  "Young deer"
  • Fayette: "Fairy"
  • Fleur: "Flower"
  • Francine:  "From France"
  • Gabrielle: "Heroine"

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  • Genevieve: "White wave"
  • Georgette: "Farms"
  • Gigi: "Trustworthy"
  • Harriet:  "Ruler of the household"
  • Helene: "Light"
  • Heloise: "Warrior"
  • Isabelle: "Consecrated to God"
  • Jacqueline: "Supplanter"
  • Janelle:  "God is gracious"
  • Janine:  "God is gracious"
  • Jolee: "Pretty"
  • Josephina:  "God will add"
  • Julieta: "Youthful"
  • Kristabel: "Christian"
  • Lisette:  "Lily"
  • Lorraine:  "From Lorraine"
  • Lourdes:  "From Lourdes"
  • Lyla: "Island"
  • Madaleine:  "From Magdala"
  • Marguerite: "Pearl"

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  • Marie: "Bitter"
  • Michelle:  "Who is like God?"
  • Monique: "Solitary"
  • Nadia: "Hopeful"
  • Nicholette: "Victorious"
  • Noelle: "Christmas"
  • Odette: "Wealthy"
  • Parisa:  "From Paris"
  • Patrice: "Noblewoman"
  • Pippi:  "Rosy cheeked"
  • Precious: "Precious"
  • Raquel: "Innocence of the lamb"
  • Renee:  "Born again"
  • Ruby:  "Precious stone"
  • Satin: "Smooth"
  • Sherry: "Beloved"
  • Simone:  "He heard"
  • Susette: "Lily"
  • Veronique:  "True image"
  • Violetta: "Flower"
  • Yvonne:  "Young archer"

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