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Twin Baby Names: Finding the Perfect Set

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Surprise, it’s twins! This is exciting news for many parents. Still, this surprise does come with the extra task of finding not one, but two baby names. Here’s the lowdown on choosing the perfect set of baby names for twins.

A perfect pair of twin names:

Throughout history, in classical literature and in modern media there have been plenty of popular pairs. For parents of twins, finding the best names may simply come down to choosing their favorite pair of individuals. This technique for choosing names for twins can be easily adapted to same gender twins or opposite gender twins.

Examples include such popular pairs as George & Gracie, Fred & Ginger, Ben & Jerry, Charles & Diana, Brad & Angelina, Scarlett & Rhett, Lewis & Clark, John & Paul, Dante & Beatrice, Jack & Jill, Christopher & Isabel, Tom & Huck, Humphrey & Lauren, or  switch it up with Bogart & Bacall. When using this strategy for twin names, it’s advisable to stay away from pairs like Micky & Minny, Antony & Cleopatra, or Abbott & Costello (yikes). Anything this silly is going a little too far.

Twin names that use the alphabet:

A common theme for twin names is to choose two names that start with the same letter of the alphabet. This is a simple naming process because the names don’t have to sound alike, just start the same, so it opens your options.

Some nice examples for girl twins include Sarah & Sasha, Mary & Melissa, Cassandra & Casey, or Vanessa & Viola. Having boy twins? Try Aaron & Andrew, Louis & Leroy, Gavin & Gregory, or Richard & Robbie. 

For opposite gender twins you might go with Thomas & Tessa, Noah & Natalie, or Jonathan & Jane.

Twin names that sound similar:

Name that sound alike or rhyme are tough, because it can take much searching to find the perfect pair. If you’re not careful two similar sounding names may not only sound a little silly – think rosy & posy, but can also be confusing for people meeting your twins. Following are some similar sounding twin name examples, but use your own good judgment when making a final decision.

Examples of rhyming or similar sounding names include; Megan & Morgan, Blake & Jake, Kyle & Kayla, Michael & Michaela, Hailey & Hannah, Anna & Anton, Molly & Holly, Ella & Emma, Chase and Grace, or Riley & Ryan.   

Twin names that have a connection:

Connected twin names can be based on almost anything, a location, season, color, or emotion which means choosing the names can be totally creative and fun. Some connected names for twins represent ideas such as Faith & Hope or Justice & Freedom. Other ways to connect twin names meaningfully is to choose two names that have the same meaning, such as Aurora and Dawn (Aurora also means Dawn), Dustin & Conrad (both mean brave), or Lynda & Ellen (both mean beautiful).

You can also match names by origin. For example, Noel & Zuri are both French and Aleena & Oscar are both Celtic. Some connected names suggest nature themes like, Winter & Ivy, Summer & Daisy, Spring & Rayne, or Lane & River. Amber & Crystal suggest a jewel theme while Blue & Violet make a great color connected pair of names for opposite gender twins.

With connected names, the sky’s the limit.

Unconnected names for twins:

There’s no rule that twin names have to match at all. It’s far better for parents to choose two completely opposite twin names that they love, rather then choose two names that they’re only lukewarm about, but that connect. Get help finding two different, but perfect baby names for twins. 

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Opposite Twin Name Pair
written by Desiree, December 29, 2008
I think Sommer and Wynter are pretty for twin girls=)

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