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Top 50 Two-Syllable Baby Names

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You are sure to find the perfect name in our list of the top 50 two-syllable baby names for girls and boys. When selecting a name for your child, it’s easy to get carried away by how that name is spelled, what letter it begins with or what nicknames might come of the name. And focusing on these areas can make it easy to forget about a very crucial component of your child’s name: how it sounds, specifically how it resonates with your last name.

Baby sitting up smilingNo matter what name you give your child, it’s very important to say it aloud before you make it official. Does that first name create a good melody with your surname? Do the first, middle and last names make a complementary trio? Syllables go a long way toward eliminating a problematic mouthful of a name… or creating one. In fact, two-syllable baby names often strike the best note with surnames that are not two syllables.

There are plenty of two-syllable surnames being used as first names that have a distinctly masculine feel – names like Johnson, Carter, Thompson, Walker, Brandon, Sawyer, Jonas, Jarrett. But two-syllable names aren’t limited to boys. In fact, the names (and their meanings) for girls and boys listed below have been drawn from the Social Security Administration’s top 100 baby names. Two-syllable names are obviously a very popular choice in today’s culture – something else to consider as well when naming your child.

Whatever name you choose for your child, the goal should be to decide upon a first name that will be suitable for an infant and an adult – your little one, after all, has to make do with their name for a lifetime.

Two-Syllable Baby Names for Girls and Boys

1. Aiden – fire
2. Andrew – man, warrior
3. Anna – variant of Hannah, meaning favored grace
4. Ashley – ash meadow
5. Aubrey – elf or magical being, power
6. Audrey – noble strength
7. Ava – life or bird
8. Brandon – broom
9. Brooklyn – stream (brook) and linden tree hill (lyn); or, a city in New York
10. Caleb – faith, devotion
11. Chloe – blooming
12. Christian – follower of Christ
13. David – beloved
14. Dylan – son of the sea
15. Ella – other, foreign
16. Emma – entire, universal
17. Ethan – firmness, long-lived
18. Evan – young warrior or rock
19. Gavin – white falcon, little falcon
20. Hailey – hay meadow
21. Hannah – favored grace
22. Isaac – laughter
23. Jackson – son of Jack
24. Jacob – he who supplants
25. Jasmine – climbing plant with fragrant white flowers
26. Jayden – Jehovah has heard
27. Joseph – increases
28. Julia – youthful
29. Kayla – pure
30. Kaylee – slender
31. Kylie – boomerang or graceful
32. Lauren – the bay or laurel plant
33. Leah – delicate, weary
34. Lily – innocence, purity, beauty
35. Logan – little hollow
36. Mason – one who works with stone
37. Matthew – gift of the Lord
38. Mia – who resembles God
39. Michael – who resembles God
40. Morgan – circling sea or great brightness
41. Nathan – God has given
42. Noah – peaceful, long-lived, wandered or comforter
43. Riley – courageous
44. Ryan – king
45. Samuel – God heard
46. Sarah – princess
47. Sydney – wide meadow
48. Taylor – tailor, to cut
49. Tyler – tile layer
50. William – protection or resolute

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