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Unique Baby Name Ideas

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Finding an unusual baby name is now easier than ever.  This is your one-stop guide for finding a unique and exotic name meaning that suits your personal style!  Looking for a name that that has character and stands out from the crowd? Your baby will carry your choice throughout their lives, so give them a name that has an inspirational meaning and personal significance to you.

Baby boy and momThere are loads of ideas out there, and finding a name that has a mix of the unusual and one that will be loved by all who hear it is a fun challenge.  From expert advice, to exotic cultures, to defining your own personal baby name style, this is your guide to the many aspects that shape a great baby name.

Foreign Baby Names

From Ireland to the Middle East, names from foreign cultures are a meaningful way to honor your heritage or capture the charm of a favorite culture or ethnicity.

Irish Baby Names: The Hottest New Trend

Arab Names - Names with a Glory Past and a Hopeful Future

Exotic Names from Around the World

Japanese Baby Names: Names from the Land of the Rising Sun

Spanish Names - Names from Europe's Hot Spot

Chinese Baby Names - Ancient Nation, New Beginnings

Today's Popular German Baby Names 

Find Your Personal Baby Name Style

Still undecided?  Define your personal baby name taste and find a name that is close to your heart and fits who you are.

What is your baby naming style?

Names with Characteristic Meanings

Conventional or Unique Baby Names?

Unique Spelling: The New Twist on Baby Names

Names for Twins

Why double the name trouble?  Twin names are so much fun to choose – browse these ideas for an easy find that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Popular Twin Names By Theme

Famous Twins - Together and Apart

Naming Twins

Advice from Famous Experts

Baby name books are extremely popular.  Get the scoop on the best publications and advice from the baby name professionals.

Name Tips From "The Baby Name Bible" Author

Choosing a Popular Baby Name Just Gor Easier


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Grandaughter's name
written by Granny Nora, April 30, 2008
My grandaughter's name is Josie, yes like Josie and the Pussycat's. But her mom's name is Lindsey and daddy's name is Joe. So Lindsey and Joe put together is Josie. Isn't that cute? It fits her so well, she's 10 months old now.
Baby girl
written by cassie, May 01, 2008
I had a baby girl that was stillborn the day before I was due. She was very beautiful though and I had a very unique name for her. We named her Zaylee Ann.
Unique little Girl's name
written by Mrs. B, May 23, 2008
My name is Michelle & middle name is Marie. Too common of a name. Back in school, there would be 3 other Michelle's sometimes in my class. I told myself I would not name my child with a common name. Back in 2005, I named my little girl Nevaeh Faith. Nevaeh (Heaven backwords) & Faith for her middle name to have Faith in the Lord. To this day, I do not regret naming her this at all. Anyone naming their children, just remember are there going to be a lot of the same names in their class?
written by cami, May 29, 2008
i need help with a boy name father's name is jimmy and my middle name is carmel. give a combine name please
Girl name
written by Heather, June 01, 2008
My younger cousin just had a girl may 6 she was 10 wks premature ( she's doing good, just came home a couple of days ago) and she named her Serenity..means...peaceful...i love it...
Reply to Cami
written by Stardust, June 08, 2008
well, how about... Cam, or Cammy? not very good i know, but i thought i'd say anyway...
My Baby Girl
written by Rachel Munz, June 09, 2008
I just had a baby girl in may and I named her
MORGALINA LEIGH, Morgalina was a nickname they had given a girl I went to school with and I just loved it I thought it was so pretty and Leigh is my middle name I'm the 5 generation in my family with and I wanted to pass that on, plus I love the way the name just flows! It has gotten some mixed reviews some people don't seem to like it but Her daddy and I do so no one else really matters, but the majority seem to like it!
Help anyone?
written by Erin, June 10, 2008
I'm having a mixed baby(half white/half black) and I am having the worst trouble coming up with names. My name is Erin which means Ireland, and I am 100% Irish but the dad is African American and an Irish name just doesn't seem appropriate. I want a unique name...any ideas anyone?
written by Marissa, June 10, 2008
I had a wee girl 5 years ago, her father chose her name , __Indica__ is what he came up with . To this day i have not heard of another child being called that.Its nice and very unusual.
Another reply to Cami
written by Lisa, June 10, 2008
Have you thought of Jamiel? You could play with the spelling a little bit.
For Cami
written by Jenn, June 11, 2008
If Dad's name is Jimmy and your middle name is Carmel, what about Jameson Cameron, or Cameron Jameson??
For Erin
written by Grace Heisman, June 15, 2008
How about Eriniah (AIR-A-NY-A) or Eriliah
(AIR-A-LY-A) or Erinaya (AIR-A-NA-A) or Erilaya (AIR-A-LAY-A) all beauiful
for Erin
written by Grace Heisman, June 15, 2008
or Irelyiah for Ireland...I love that!!!
For Erin
written by Juel, June 16, 2008
How about Amara, Nala, Zahara, Sinead,
written by Harmony, June 17, 2008
I've always loved unique names. My name is Harmony, My husbands' name is Ren and our son is Aiden [[ not as unique as it once was but I love it ]]
Me Too!
written by Erin G, June 21, 2008
Very funny... I am also named Erin, fully Irish, having a mixed baby and looking for an appropriate name! I love Celtic names and my heritage but I don't want to forgo the little one's other half. Any suggestions are helpful!
I need help...
written by Danielle Bowman, June 21, 2008
I need help finding native american baby names or unusal names...please..
For Anyone Looking for Unique Suggestions
written by Amity Sowers, July 24, 2008
My first name is Amity which means "friendship". It was my great-aunt's name and my mother wanted to keep it alive in the family. Teal, my middle name, was found in a Western novel, The Big Sky, by A.B. Guthrie. It stands for the color or a breed duck. Originally I was to be named Teal-Eye to celebrate my Native American heritage, but my mother thought it too long. Some other unique family names are Farrell, Fallon, Farren, Landon.
I love unique names.
written by Jalyne, September 04, 2008
I don't yet have kids but I still love to think of unique names or spellings of "common" names that I like. Mainly because with most names they're all spelt the same with just about everyone so yeah. lol But some names that I like are...for a girl: Aliana Nikole, Tieagra Lauren(i met someone this past summer who's name is Tiegra and feel in love with the name), Jessika Skye, Chelsia Richelle, Samantha Norelle(samantha's not unique or spelt different but i think Norelle is).
And for a boy: well i haven't really thought of any unique names or spellings yet but some of the names i like are: Caden Joel, Kayesono Alexander, Gavin, Jayden, and Christian Isaiah.
I love this name.
written by megan, December 28, 2008
i got my baby girl named Polaris! isnt that so cute?
ive hated common names since megan is super common.

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