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Twin Girl Baby Name Ideas

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Your little ladies are already identical. Does that mean your twin girls should have baby names that are almost mirror images of each other too? While it may seem cute to imagine two plump baby girls with matchy-matchy names, do your kids a favor and think about their future. They are twins, yes, but they’re individuals too, and one day they’ll be women. This duo will be connected in so many ways, do your best to consider a set of names that are distinct from each other yet harmonious as a pair.

Twin Baby GirlsAre you looking for unique twin girl baby names? You are in luck!

Stylin’ Baby Names

Make an effort to choose names that are compatible stylistically. Meaning: choose two modern names or two traditional names, but don’t mix and match. Go with two very romantic, feminine names or even go with something androgynous. Some examples:

Modern Matches
Miley and Juno
Ashley and Abigail
Caelyn and Riley

Traditional Twos
Frances and Helen
Elizabeth and Genevieve
Grace and Alice

Flirty Femmes
Victoria and Ophelia
Isabella and Sophia
Lorelei and Madeline

Ambiguous Aliases
Mason and Taylor
Harper and Teagan
Bailey and Kennedy

The Popular Girls

Some of the most popular baby name combos in the past few years might be right up your alley.

Ella and Emma
Madison and Morgan
Faith and Hope
Haley and Hannah
Makayla and Mackenzie
Ava and Olivia

By the Letter

Parents of twin girls often choose names that are similar in sound. Alliteration is also a big naming trend for twins – meaning, the names have the same beginning sounds or the same first letters (e.g., Jennifer and Jessica, Flora and Fauna).

If you want to stand out from the crowd, ditch the alliteration and go for names that are down-to-earth, not generic or terribly girly and yet still convey a message of strength (and, of course, fit together nicely as a couple). Try on these pairs:

Adele and Eve
June and Cass
Susan and Mary

What’s Your Theme?

Perhaps you’re a flower buff or you have a thing for comic book heroines. If you have a hobby, consider what two names in that genre might work for your girls. Here are a few examples of “themes.”

Esta and Tara (both mean “star”)
Storm and Salena (meaning “moon”)
Meadow and Amaya (meaning “night rain”)

Miracle and Destiny
Trinity and Nevaeh (“Heaven” spelled backwards – a popular trend of late)
Essence and Journey

The Bottom Line

When you’re naming your multiples, ask yourself the following questions:

• Do the names emphasize that my children are a pair?
• If yes, is this what I want?
• Are their names easily confused? (Kirsten and Kristine)
• Do I want them to have the same initials?
• Do their names lend themselves to nicknames and, if they do, is that what I want?
• If so, do the nicknames work together as a pair?

Whatever you choose, say your babies’ names aloud with their middles names and your last name. If you have other children, consider how this pairing will sound in combination with their names. Think of it this way: naming your twin girls is a little like rearranging the furniture – you’ll know it when you get it right.

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