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Unique Baby Boy Names

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If you are searching for the perfect unique baby boy name, you may want to look outside the box -- for that name that doesn't quite fit the top 10 lists for the most popular baby names in the country for this year. If so, you might be interested to know that there are many wonderful names that can and do come from a variety of sources, including the natural world around you.

Unusual baby boy namesBe inspired by our list of unique baby boy names that will help him stand out in a crowd.

Water Names

Rushing streams and vast oceans can provide a bevy of names for you to pick from. If you or your partner are water lovers, consider these names. Take the name Calder for instance. This English/Scottish geographical name means "rough waters" or "stream." The French name Destin is another strong candidate, its meaning being "by the still waters." Dover is another good name, it being the name of a British seaport and also a Welsh name meaning "water."  Forde (also spelled Ford) is an Old English name that means "river crossing." Varun (Hindi) is a very unique name and means "water god."

Animal Names

Animals make very good names for baby boys. The Middle English name Fisk means "fish" and is not only unusual but perfect for the son of those who love to fish. Altair (Arabic) means "bird" as does Palila (Hawaiian). More bird names are: Covey (Middle English) which means "brood or group of birds", Gannet (Old German) which means "goose" but can also refer to a cliff-dwelling sea bird, Tern which refers to a strong marine bird that migrates long distances and Vireo which is a green bird with a beautiful song.

Wolves are also a great source of inspiration for baby boy names. Arno is of Old German origin and means "eagle wolf." Channing (Old French) means "young wolf." Faolan (Irish/Gaelic) has the meaning of "little wolf." The name Fenris is from Scandinavian mythology and was a large wolf who had powers to threaten the gods. Phelan (Irish/Gaelic) means "like a wolf." Ulric is an English/Old German name and it refers to "powers of the wolf."

How about lions? The king of the jungle, the lion, beckons images of majesty, power and beauty, and there are dozens of names that you can bestow upon your child to reflect this. In Arabic, the name Abbas is used to refer to a lion. Aslan, made popular by C.S. Lewis The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, is a Turkish name meaning "lion." Ari (Hebrew) means "lion, eagle." Leander is of Greek origin and means "lion man."

More Unique Boy Names

Some other nature names for boys are: Ardal (Irish/Gaelic) which means "bear-like valor," Delmon (English) which means "from the mountain," Royden (Old English) which means "rye hill," Taran (Gaelic) which means "thunder," Tal (Hebrew) which means "rain or dew" and Rai (Japanese) which means "lightning."

Looking for an unusual baby boy name can be a lot of fun, especially if you consult your mother -- Mother Nature, that is. From bodies of water, to the skies, to the animals that inhabit them -- you can be inspired to find the perfect baby boy name in the world around you!

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written by Melissa Utz, August 15, 2009
Im looking for a perfect. unusuall baby name. help!
written by Pearl, November 09, 2009
Grandma looking
written by Robin Jordan, March 09, 2010
I am looking for unique names because that is what my daughter likes. I want her to stay away from J's because her daughter is Jayonna we have a JD,JJ,James and Gavin. To many J's! My daughter is Kashara. I think I picked some unique names. My nieces and nephews are, Jaydan,Jayla,Jayree,Jaylene,Jaysean ,Jeremiah,Junior. I told my daughter please no more Jays but if anyone is looking for J's. There is some you might like.
written by Stacey, April 05, 2010
Im looking for unusual names for boy/ girl baby due in July xxxx
i neeed a boyz name
written by vanessa Cruz, October 21, 2010
idk wat to name my baby im do anytime know.
bt i want a unsual and pertty name. my husband name is miguel but theirs to many miguels in the familie already my father in law is name miguel too!!! i reaally do need a good unsual name and dat my husband can pronounce
written by romera mae, January 19, 2011
im looking for a unique name for my 1st child...!
i need a unique name for a baby girl and boy.
written by GERALDINE, February 25, 2011
please help me in giving names for my baby.. a unique one , a unique spelling w/ a nice meaning

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