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7 Tips to Find a Unique Baby Name

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You know you want a unique baby name for your girl or boy, but how do you find one? Get to thinking in different directions by using the world around you as inspiration – be observant and take a closer look at your favorite things. Unique names lurk everywhere – a word can take on new meaning when you realize that it may be just right for your child. Here are 7 tips to find the perfect unique baby name.

Unique baby nameColorful Baby Names

Your child will color your world from the moment they enter it. Trigger some outside-of-the-box ideas for your baby’s name by thinking in color. What shade are the items that make you happiest? Maybe it’s the periwinkle of your bridesmaid gowns, the chestnut of your partner’s hair or the sunshine shade of the lemons you haven’t been able to get enough of during your pregnancy. Whether you dream in Technicolor, sepia or black and white, these colorful baby names are a fine stepping-off point for naming your child.

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Vampire Baby Names

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan’s love will go down in history as one of the most beloved vampire romances. From the Twilight saga to ancient beliefs to scary stories, the names of immortals – and all that’s associated with them – have been collected in this article. Sink your teeth into the legends you know, some you may not and the unforgettable place that pop culture has when it comes to the cold ones.

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Sporty Baby Names

Sports fanatics will lay down in traffic for their favorite teams and players. They might even go so far as to name their child after a sports legend (Tiger), an Olympian (Shawn) or even a franchise (Patriot or Flyer). Whether you’re a diehard fan of the Fighting Irish or never miss a second of the Indy 500, every field offers up potential names for your little sport. Take a look at these sporty baby name suggestions, from teams to terminology, to see that you can find a name on the field, court or green.

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Classical Music Names

From Brahms to Bach, Mozart to Mendelsohn, the names of classical music composers are original and memorable. For your infant masterpiece, the terms of classical music may strike the right chord when it comes to choosing their title. Composers – male and female alike – are a dignified crew who can provide you with plenty of naming inspiration through their first and last names. Selecting one of these classical music-related names will set the stage for your young prodigy.

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Travel Baby Names – Romantic Destinations

Is there a certain locale that holds a special meaning for you as a couple? Why not turn it into something that has meaning for you as parents by naming your baby after one of your favorite destinations. While your infant may seem too tiny to be saddled with a hefty name like Amsterdam and too special to be stuck with a pop-culture name like Paris, perhaps London could be just right. Or, stick within the continental U.S. – look here to find plenty of inspiration in places like Charlotte, Savannah, Amarillo and beyond.

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Gods and Goddesses

Myths and legends have long been a source of unforgettable names. Whether the gods and goddesses of Greek and Roman mythology are known for their great power, wisdom or strength, their titles never fail to make an impression. Do you hope for your child to have the vigor of Atlas, the heart of Aphrodite or the confidence of Zeus? This collection of baby names is a unique compilation of the muses, peacemakers, fighters and rulers of Mount Olympus. You can begin your child’s story with a name rich in folklore and tradition.

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Create Your Own Baby Name

If you still feel like you haven’t found just the right name for your child after searching through all the above options, it may be time to look into creating a baby name specifically for them. You can alter the spelling or pronunciation of an existing name, find inspiration in mom’s name for a boy or dad’s name for a girl, or combine elements of two or more names. Take some direction from the advice collected in this article.

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Have you thought of a unique baby name, but are unsure of the origin or meaning?  Check out our advanced baby name search.

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baby unique names
written by joy claire annasiw, June 16, 2010
how to get this name jessie and joy pls help me to create this name
Jessie and Joy
written by reine, February 18, 2011
Joyce, Joysse, Jessy, Yess, Joissee, Josie,
Hope these help:)

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