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Unisex Baby Names

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Gabrielle Reece named her baby Brody. Lisa Marie Presley’s baby is named Finley. Triple H calls his newborn Murphy. Brody, Finley and Murphy are traditionally boy names, but these newcomers are girls! This hip baby naming trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Check out our list of unisex baby names that are perfect for a baby boy or baby girl.

toddler playing outsideUnisex names, such as Sandy, Chris and Pat, have been around for a long time, but are just now picking up steam as a new baby naming trend. Sometimes the names just sound the same but have distinct spellings, such as Gene versus Jeanne or Aaron versus Erin.

Here’s an alphabetical look at some of the names shared between genders:

Adrian Brody and Adrienne Barbeau, Andy Rooney and Andie McDowell
Aaron (or Erin) – enlightened, Hebrew
Addison – son of Adam, English
Adrian, Adrienne – dark, Latin
Alex – defender, Greek
Andy, Andie – manly, Greek 
Angel – messenger, Greek
Ashley – wood, English
Aubrie – elfin king, German
Avery – ruler, English

Billy Graham and Billie Holiday

Bailey – bailiff, English
Beverly – stream, English
Billy, Billie – protector, German
Blair – plain, Gaelic
Brett – from Britain, Irish

Cameron Wake and Cameron Diaz
Cameron, Camryn – crooked nose, Scottish 
Camille – altar server, Latin
Cassidy – curly haired, Irish
Casey, Kasey – from Cayce, English
Chris – anointed, Greek
Claude – disabled, Latin
Cory, Kori – God’s peace, German

Dale Earnhardt and Dale Evans

Dakota – ally, Native American
Dale – dweller, English
Dallas – meadow, Gaelic
Dana – from Denmark, Old Norse
Darryl – darling, French
Drew – manly, English
Devon – from Devon, English

Evan Ross and Evan Rachel Wood

Emerson – ruler, German
Erin, Aaron – from Ireland, Irish
Evan – warrior, Irish

Francis Scott Key and Frances McDormand

Francis, Frances – free, Latin

Glen Campbell and Glenn Close
Gene, Jean, Jeanne – gracious God, Hebrew
Glen, Glenn – valley, Irish

Hayden Christensen and Hayden Panettiere
Haley, Hailey – clearing, English
Hillary – cheerful, Latin

Ira – watchful, Hebrew
Israel – contender with God, Hebrew

Jamie Foxx and Jaimie Pressley, Jerry Seinfeld and Jeri Ryan

Jaden, Jayden – stone, English
Jamie, Jaime – supplanter, English
Jan – gracious God, Hebrew
Jean, Jeanne, Gene – gracious God, Hebrew
Jerry, Jerri, Jeri – mighty spearman, German
Jesse, Jessie – wealthy, Hebrew
Jodie, Jody – from Judea, Hebrew
Jordan, Jordyn – descendant, Hebrew

Kelley Armstrong and Kelly Ripa

Kei – joyful, Japanese
Kelly, Kelley – war, Gaelic
Kelsey, Kelsie – island, Scottish
Kerry, Keri – dark haired, Irish
Kim – fortress, English

Lee Majors and Rachel Leigh Cook
Lane – narrow road, English
Laurie – laurel, Latin
Lee, Leigh – dweller, English
Logan – hollow, Irish
London – fortress, English
Lonnie, Lonny – ready for battle, German 
Lou – fame, German

Michael Douglas and Michael Learned
McKenzie, – fair one, Irish
Madison – mighty, English
Mallory – unlucky, French
Michael – like God, Hebrew
Montana – like a mountain, Spanish
Morgan – uncertain, Welsh

Nicky Clarke and Nikki Blonsky
Nevada – snowy, Spanish
Nicky, Nikki – victorious, Greek
Noel, Noelle – Christmas, French

Parker Stephenson and Parker Posie
Paris – lover, Greek
Parker – gamekeeper, English
Pat – nobleman, Irish
Payton, Peyton – settlement, English
Perry – dweller, English

Quinn – fifth, Irish

Rowan Atkinson and Rowan Francis Henchy
Raven – raven, English 
Reagan, Regan – king, Irish 
Reese – ardor, Welsh
Riley – clearing, English
Robin, Robyn – bright, English
Rowan – red one, Gaelic

Sable – black, English
Sage – wise, Latin
Sam – called god, Hebrew
Sandy, Sandi – defender, Scottish
Scout – observer, English
Shane, Shayne – gracious God, Irish 
Shannon – gracious God, Hebrew
Shawn, Shaun, Sean – gracious God, Irish
Shay, Shea – supplanter, Irish 
Shelby – sheltered, English
Sidney, Sydney – meadow, French
Sonny, Sunny – young boy, English
Stacy, Stacey, Stacie, Staci – resurrection, Russian

Tony Danza and Toni Braxton
Taylor – cut, French
Terry, Terrie, Teri – smooth, Latin
Tony, Toni – praiseworthy, Latin
Tracy, Tracey, Tracie, Traci – harvester, Greek
Tyne – river in England, English

Wallace – from Wales, English
Wesley – from the West, English
Whitney – island, English
Wynne – fair, English

Zane Lamprey and Zane Grey
Zane – God’s gift, English

If you do select a unisex name, consider dressing your baby in traditional pink or blue for awhile to keep gender questions at bay.

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