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Weird baby name lists that just might inspire you

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Written by Mary Fetzer   

Searching for the perfect baby name can be seriously overwhelming. There are all sorts of appealing lists: most popular baby names, up-and-coming baby names, old-fashioned baby names and so many, many more.

But if every prospective parent refers to the same lists, then all of the kids' names will be way too similar. To find a unique name that will help your child stand out in a crowd, try a weird baby name list that other parents-to-be won't have.

Weird baby names

When a baby name list is entitled "Weird baby names for boys and girls," who knows what it might contain? This particular collection features names of things, names of places, names with lots of vowels and, well, names that are just plain weird.

Candy baby names

Find a name that's sweet and retro all in one! Consult our list of candy baby names for favorites like Peppermint Patty, Charleston Chews, Heath Bars and Scooter Pies, or let your own candy of choice inspire you.

Gladiator baby names

Yes, this list actually exists. Did the author want to flaunt his knowledge of Ancient Roman history, or was he or she just in the same boat as you: looking for a name that's more unique than Jacob or Noah? Whatever the motivation behind the list, it certainly contains some interesting ideas (Aemilianus, anyone?).

Baby names we (fortunately) don't hear anymore

Someone in Hollywood must have already had a peek at this list because some of these so-called unfortunate names are finding their way back to the surface. Most of them, like Eudora and Hirum, just have that "old" ring to them... and some parents may just find that appealing. See the complete list here and judge for yourself.

Baby boy names no one is using

A rare name is one that is used fewer than 100 times, nationwide, in any given year. And out of sight means out of mind. This terrific list of uncommon, but really awesome, names for boys may contain that one perfect name you've been searching for. For names like Abbott, Montgomery and Oswald, this list is a must-read. 

Mars: Baby names inspired by the red planet

Yet again, one has to wonder what would inspire someone to create such a weird list. Not surprisingly, most of the names on this one (including gems like Barsoom and Kuato) are simply not yearbook-friendly. Giving your baby a Mars name will likely lead to a lifetime of misspellings and eyebrow raises. Is that really want you want for your child?

Names that will make your child hate you

When selecting a baby name, it's a good idea to keep in mind that it is your child's name, not yours. He or she will have to live with it for life, so be kind. While it may bring you great joy to have a baby name that no one will want to steal, it may bring your kid a lifetime of annoyance. Find examples of unfortunate, one-of-a-kind names here

Create your own baby name

You've exhausted every baby name list possible without success? Perhaps it's time to take matters into you own hands. The "create your own baby name" list offers inspired ways to combine mom's and dad's name, or change a boy's name to a girl's name, or change the spelling of a classic to make it your own.

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