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Which baby names have the most spellings?

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The easiest way to make your baby's name stand out is to simply change the spelling of a traditional name. Liliana, for example, is also spelled Lilianna, Lilliana and Lillianna on the Social Security Administration's most current Top 1,000 Baby Names list. Look at the list more closely and it's apparent that a great many parents prefer trendy, alternative spellings. Try it out on your list of potential names.

Play with vowels

This is the most common way to change the spelling of a name. Combine vowels, mix them up or swap them to create a brand-new version of your favorite baby boy name.

  • Aiden:  Aaden, Adan, Aden, Aidan, Aidyn, Aydan, Ayden, Aydin
  • Brayden:  Braden, Bradyn, Braeden, Braiden, Braydon
  • Jayden:  Jaden, Jadon, Jaeden, Jaiden, Jaidyn, Jaydon
  • Caden:  Kaden, Caiden, Kaeden, Kaiden, Kayden
  • Mason:  Maison, Masen, Mayson
  • Tristan:  Tristen, Tristian, Tristin, Triston, Trystan

Using Ys in place of (or in addition to) vowels is trendy for baby girl names:

  • Adalyn:  Adalynn, Addilyn, Adelyn, Adelynn
  • Raina:  Rayna, Reyna
  • Reagan:  Raegan, Regan
  • Zoe:  Zoey, Zoie

Change C to K or K to C

Boy names such as Caleb, Carter and Colby become Kaleb, Karter and Kolby. Among the 1,000 most popular boy names, C and K names boast as many as seven different spellings.

  • Cameron:  Camren, Camron, Camryn, Kameron, Kamron and Kamryn.
  • Colton:  Colten, Kolten, Kolton
  • Connor:  Conner, Conor, Konner, Koner
  • Kasen:  Casen, Cason, Cayson, Kason, Kaysen, Kayson

Interchanging Cs and Ks is even more common for baby girl names. Names such as Cassandra, Catalina and Chloe become Kassandra, Katalina and Khloe.

  • Carly:  Carlee, Carleigh, Carley, Carlie, Karlee, Karlie
  • Kalyn:  Cailyn, Kaelyn, Kaelynn, Kailyn, Kailynn, Kaylen, Kaylyn, Kaylynn
  • Kailey:  Caylee, Kailee, Kaleigh, Kaylee, Kayleigh, Kaylie
  • Katelyn:  Caitlyn, Caitlin, Kaitlin, Kaitlyn, Katelynn

Sometimes, you can swap Cs for Ks (and vice-versa) within the name, for results like these:

Alter the long E spelling of girl names

A long E sound might be represented by E, EE, IE, Y, EY or EIGH – and all of these options are entirely interchangeable.

  • Aleah:  Aleigha, Alia
  • Aubrey:  Aubree, Aubrie, Aubri
  • Avery:  Averi, Averie
  • Bailey:  Bailee, Baylee, Bayleigh
  • Emily:  Emely, Emilee, Emilie, Emmalee
  • Hailey:  Hailee, Haleigh, Haley, Haylee, Hayleigh, Hayley, Haylie
  • Layla:  Laila, Lailah, Laylah, Leila, Leyla
  • Riley:  Rylee, Ryleigh, Rylie

There are no rules for naming your baby. However, keep in mind  that your modifications may make your baby's name personal and unique, he or she may have to spend a lot of time correcting people who misspell it.

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