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Baby names inspired by wild animals

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As you search for great baby names, consider the majesty of nature. While these names are unusual, they're grounded in the animal kingdom. Each of these names calls to mind the personality and tenacity of the animal it represents.

If you're searching for a truly unique name or middle name, consider one of these names inspired by wild animals. From gentle fawns to noble wolves, animals inspire beautiful baby names for families who lean toward unique, modern names.

Wild animal baby

Boy names inspired by animals

From obscure to common, these animals have names that work as baby boy names. Keep in mind that most of these names are quite unusual. Be prepared for head tilts when you choose a name like Crane, but know that unique names are always showing up and changing what we know and expect as baby names.

Girl names inspired by animals

Because of the prevalence of animal nicknames, many of these girl names are fairly common. However, they're not common as full first names. Consider a sweet bird name like Starling or go with a striking name like Raven for your baby girl. Many of these names work as beautiful middle names for girls.

Tips for choosing a baby name from the wild kingdom

As you search for an animal-inspired baby name, consider how much you want to commit to a highly unusual name. You may want to consider going with a traditional name like Catherine, and calling her Cat, for example. If you choose a highly delicate name such as Bird or Dove, consider pairing it with a more traditional middle name for a blend of sensibilities.

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