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Baby names arrow Baby Names Book arrow Would you name your baby “Volkswagen?”

Would you name your baby “Volkswagen?”

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Would you name your baby “Volkswagen?”  One of the wildest ideas for original baby names is to name babies after luxury car companies! 

And why not?  You’ve already got the sense of allure and sophistication, connect it to a cute baby and you’ve got a name match!   Car company names can be suitable for many baby naming needs.  Consider the following:

Need a cute baby name?  Some car company names are just perfect for a cute baby girl, while others need slight alteration to fit the mark.  You can just imagine an adorable Kia (commonly used as a given name), Bentley, or Chevy.  Take a classic Cadillac and you’ve got a baby Caddy!

Some parents may want to go to the exotic side of the scale.  Original given names are the latest trend.  Instead of creating an odd name or changing a name spelling beyond its recognition, some parents choose uncommon names that already carry a sense of the exotic.  Names such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Scion and Infiniti all carry an air of high class mystery.

Looking for a sophisticated boy’s name?   Boys are known for their interest and love of cars.  Whether it is for the freedom they provide, their association with power and control, or for the mere fascination with complex machinery, boys and men all over the world are notorious for their interest in cars.  Why not change a passion into a baby name?  Names such as Nissan, Lexus, Sterling and Datsun can make unique baby boy names.

Will Chrysler one day be as popular as the baby name Christian, and Chevrolet become the new Charlotte?  Only time will tell.  As for today, parents looking for the right balance between a name that is both unique and doesn’t carry the confusion of a name that is too uncommon, luxury cars may be the way to go. 

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written by LAURA, July 04, 2007
I know a girl named Farrari.

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