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Zodiac baby names: Cancer

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Babies born during the zodiac sign of Cancer are destined to be diplomatic, intense and selective on the positive side, and impulsive and emotional on the downside. This sign, which covers birthdays from June 22 to July 21, is represented by the Crab and guided by the Moon. Check out the wide array of famous folks that were born during this time frame:

Actors and entertainers

Because Cancer is ruled by the moon, those born under this sign can display contradictory qualities. They're moody, but their conservative nature enables them to hide negative emotions. What a great strength for performers!

Artists and Authors

The traditional Cancerian loves operating on a fundamental level and enjoys family and domestic settings. The homebody tendency is a plus for those wanting to indulge in painting and writing.  

Leaders and politicians

Cancerians demonstrate a love of history and origins, such as heraldry and ancestry. No wonder so many of Britain's most notable leaders were born under this sign.  

Athletes and coaches

The intensity of Cancerians contributes to their countless accomplishments in the field of sports.

Other famous Cancers

Of course, Cancerians come from all walks of life, as evidenced by these well-known examples:

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