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Baby names arrow Popular Names arrow A to Z: An alphabetical list of the nation’s most popular baby names

A to Z: An alphabetical list of the nation’s most popular baby names

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Are you looking for a trendy name for your baby-to-be? From A to Z, these two lists include the most popular baby name for each letter of the alphabet. You'll find one baby boy name and one baby girl name for each letter of the alphabet.

Baby boy names from A – Z

Some of these baby boy names have been on the Social Security Administration's "Most Popular" list for decades. Beside each name is where it falls on the SSA's Top 1,000.  Click on each name to learn its origin and meaning.

Unique and edgy baby names for boys

All-American baby boy names: Classic and cool

Ancient names for baby boys

Baby names for twin boys

Baby girl names from A – Z

The popularity of names for baby girls changes with far more frequency than it does for baby boys. And now that antique and retro names are back in style, you'll find them mixed back in with recent trendsetters. Click on each name to find out more!

Baby girl names with lovely meanings

Baby girl names from song titles

Baby girl names inspired by cocktails

Cosmopolitan names for girls

More baby name inspiration

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