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All-American Baby Names

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Whether you're for hippie flower power or the punk style of the 80's, retro names from American cultural history and places are a great way to pay tribute to your favorite cultural era or location.

American Baby Names

Good old American pie and baseball are just some of the hallmarks of American culture.  Capture a bit of the essence of the pure American spirit in your baby's name.  There is so much more to Jack and Sue than meets the eye.

American pop culture influences baby name choices not only in the States, but in Europe, Asia and other remote regions.  A writer's decision for a character name on a TV show can have lasting effects on a whole generation.  Take the soap opera Days of Our Lives for example.  A character named Kayla gave the name incredible popularity, and hundreds if not thousands of Kayla's today are the product of the show's trend-setting influence. 

A similar phenomenon can be seen in the UK.  The name Keira, and its alternative spelling Kiera jumped up in popularity when British actress Keira Knightly became famous world wide for her roles in Bend It Like Beckham and Pirates of the Caribbean.  Even a bad reputation has been known to spark trends.  An evil nanny named Peyton in the film The Hand that Rocks the Cradle made the name an instant favorite, whereas before it was virtually unheard of.

Name Your Baby After Your Favorite Song

It seems some names became extremely popular after appearing in a hit song dedicated to a person of that name. After all, who can think of a better name choice, than one that is worth writing songs about?

Retro Names for Your Baby

So you know what the popular names of today are, but do you know which names were popular in 1880? The “fashion” of names has changed throughout the years, but some names have stayed on top of the charts.

The 80's are back – Names inspired from bulls & bears, the Ivy League and the Trumps
80's inspired names are the new trend according to recent polls and surveys. These names are more traditional, conservative and are inspired by T.V. series, universities and the global money market which boomed and crashed in the spandex decade.

Popular Baby Names in New York
So what does the New York State parent think of when naming their baby? In the case of naming baby girls, it looks as if naming is all about glamour. According to the most up to date US Social Security Statistics, Emily, Isabella and Ava ranked in top 3 spots.

Baby Name Ideas from New Jesrey
New Jersey is the “it” state for parents looking for a unique baby name or ideas for inspiration.  The Garden State just happens to be one the most racially and ethnically diverse states in the country.

Popular Baby Names in California
California’s parents have their trends set for their baby name favorites.  For baby girls, Emily, Isabella, Ashley, Mia and Samantha came in at the top 5 spots, respectively.  As far as baby boy names go, the names Daniel, Anthony, Angel, Jacob and David have been chosen by California's parents more than any others.

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The name I want for my baby girl.
written by Idalia Bernal, May 21, 2008
Me and my husband thought that it would be nice if each one choose a name. My husband thought of Nicole and I'd like Perla. We both decide if we put the name togeter it would sound nice. So we did and her name will be Perla Nicole.
Common Names for Baby
written by Chrystal, June 27, 2008
I have always like to stick with common names. I have complied a list of names for boys and girls and I would like to share them. Please let me know what you think and feel free to snag.


Isaiah Christian
Daniel Justin
George Franklin....idk why, but i love George!!
Wade Walker......from Cry Baby w/ Johnny Depp
Eric Horatio.....from CSI: Miami
Connor Wayne


Lily Brooke
Alyssa Danielle
Summer Rayne/Rain
Melody Katherine
Autumn Sky
Ashton Jennifer
Madeline Elaine
Bethany Elizabeth
written by Chrystal, June 27, 2008
I love this name....but I like it better spelled:

common baby names
written by Nikki, July 30, 2008
I am not the person who uses common names. I have always wanted my little girl to be named Chloe Nicolette or Alexandrea Chanel. Then my husband and I were discussing names and he likes common names. He wants to name our boy Jack... that is too common for me. I don't know what to do. Does it get easier when the baby gets here?? Please if you have any advice or anything to say that might make things easier let me know.
written by Allison, August 07, 2008
I am in the same dilemma as common baby names.... my husband also likes really common names....almost boring, no offense anyone. Our compromise was to go back to our relatives names and find something a little different. We concluded with Rocky, one of his uncles names. It's not common, but it's 'normal' enough for him.....
What's the Deal with Common Names?
written by Tallulah, March 13, 2009
I know- I know, we all have common names. Heck, I have a common name! (Middle name is Hannah-Paulice, well, the Hannah part is common!) But why must everyone pick out a common name? How did some names grow so common? Like: Jack, Jennifer, Amy, Catherine, Sydney, Hannah, Sarah, Courtney, Stephanie, Megan (Meghan), Madison (Maddy), Taylor . . .etc. Sorry, I could go on forever. And . . . Brad, Chad, Justin . . . Frankly, I would only pick Jack or Hannah as names. Those are the ones I like.
written by Tallulah, March 13, 2009
Here's some name combos I like/ thought of:

Hannah Kaye (like 'Kay)
Denise Rachelle,
Ariel Nadine,
Karen Marie,
Cecilia Adaleen,
Caydence Leigh,
Leigha (or Leah) Bel
Samantha Rayne,
Allison Marie,
Allison Pearl,
Erika Ruby,
Leigha Jewel

all american...
written by Daddio, March 24, 2009
If you want an all american name but hate common names try something you love that's american, for instance:
Use your favorite baseball team (Yankee)
or Your country (America)
or what it stands for(Justice, Freedom, or Honor)
Just because you want "American" doesn't mean you can't think outside the box right?!
written by magan, April 08, 2009
i need help with baby boy names..
80s are back
written by candice setters, July 08, 2009
As for the 80s being revived, I really like the name Mallory from family ties.
written by Kyla Jansen, July 22, 2009
i going to maybe have twins they dont know yet they have to wait and see if the baby or babies move but i think that i like the names:

Lucas Ryan
Brayden Keith

Lily Thersea
Rose Mary

or if i had to choose one of each
Lily Rose
Lucas Ryan
My favorite Names
written by yoyoyoyoyo, October 07, 2010
Lillyanna (Lilly)
Makenna pernounced (Mah-Ken-na)


Twins- Boy and girl combos:
Carly and Caden
Natalia and Noah
written by CoreeSilvera, January 26, 2011
Not sure I'd name my baby Yankee, Freedom or America. Yankee? Just be careful what part of the US you enroll your child in school.

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