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Baby girl names from the early 1960s

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The 1960s had a huge influence on our culture, from the music to the Civil Rights Movement. Look to this formative time in our nation's history to discover baby names with style and grace for your little girl.

We've taken a look at baby names popular from 1960 to 1964 to find ones for girls that have vintage charm and appeal. Many of these names are not currently popular for young kids, giving you the perfect opportunity to find a baby name that's unique, but not overly unusual. Everyone is familiar with the name Cynthia, but your little Cynthia will probably be the only one in her class. Be a trendsetter by looking back to names that were popular when your parents were children — or before they were even born.

40 Baby girl names from the 1960s

These 40 baby names were super popular in the early 1960s. You're probably familiar with all of them and you may even know lots of women with these names, but chances are many of them aren't names you associate with little girls. Use this opportunity to find a baby name for your daughter. We love the sweet sound of Cheryl and the vintage sound of Janice. Is your own name on this list?

Nicknames based on 1960s names

Some of the popular girls' names from the '60s can be shortened to modernized versions and nicknames. If you didn't find a winner above, one of these nicknames may inspire you. We love the playful sounds of Jules and Babs. Keep in mind that many kids will choose a nickname if you pick a name that has common shortened versions. Fortunately, all of these nicknames are adorable.

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