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Baby name trends 2012

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Jacob and Isabella were the most popular baby names last year, however what will be hottest names of 2012? We take a look at celebrity baby name trends and the hottest names from pop culture to predict what we think will be at the top of every parent’s baby name list.

Grandma and grandpa baby names

Old fashioned baby names are all the rage this year! Celebrities loved this trend and many gave their babies grandma and grandpa baby names. Here are some examples:

  • Agnes: Jennifer Connelly
  • Cloe: David Schwimmer
  • Hattie: Tori Spelling
  • Bingham: Kate Hudson
  • Milo: Alyssa Milano
  • Rex: Niki Taylor
  • Felix: Elizabeth Banks
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Unisex baby names

Today’s parents are thinking outside of the box by giving their kids a cool unisex baby name.  Girls can get away with a gender-bending trend more than boys, for example a girl named Stevie sounds cool (Stevie Nicks, for example), however a boy named Lucy will probably get some grief over his name. Keep this in mind before giving your child a unisex name. The name Taylor is a great unisex name for both girls and boys.

Some examples include Johnny Knoxville, who named his daughter Arlo, and Martha Stewart’s daughter, Alexis, who named her baby girl Jude.  Rebecca Grayheart and Eric Dane named their daughter Billie, while Heidi Klum and Seal have a baby girl named Lou Samuel.

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Cool names from movies and books

It is hard to deny the influence of Twilight on baby names, as Jacob and Isabella are the top names of the year according to the Social Security Administration.  We predict TV shows will also bring about the popularity of Glee names like Quinn, Mercedes and Finn, as well as True Blood names like Godric and Lafayette.

The Hunger Games hits theaters this year and we love the unique names of Katniss and Peeta,.

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Royal baby names

Royal mania has hit us hard! The royal wedding had us captivated last year, with millions watching the beautiful Kate Middleton and Prince William tie the knot. In addition to the royal couple, Kate’s sister Pippa has a unique and trendsetting name. Check out more royal baby names below:

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