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Baby names inspired by Middle Earth

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When Peter Jackson began filming The Lord of the Rings trilogy, J. R. R. Tolkien's classic novels became part of pop culture dialog once again. A new generation of children have grown up familiar with Frodo and Sam's epic quest and Gollum's dark obsession. 

Now, with a big screen adaptation of The Hobbit, or There and Back Again reining at the box office, Tolkien's fantasy world continues to capture our imaginations.

Baby with momWhen Tolkien wrote his famous novels, he also constructed an entire family of Elvish languages. To this day he is considered the most successful conlanger -- or individual who constructs languages. With such a rich history and such prolific research backing it, it's no wonder the fictional universe of Middle Earth has garnered so many devoted fans.

Thanks to recent popularity, baby names inspired by The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit may continue to grow in popularity. Before you name your child Bilbo Baggins, consider the implications of naming your child after a famous literary and film character. You may be better off choosing a name with a more slantwise association with Middle Earth. Thanks to the complicated linguistic world Tolkien created, it's easy to choose baby names that sound like they're from Middle Earth but aren't main characters. We've put together a list of names inspired by Tolkien as well as names of secondary characters.

Baby boy names inspired by Tolkien

These 10 baby boy names are a mix of secondary characters and names constructed to sound like names from Middle Earth.

  • Artehar
  • Balin
  • Beren
  • Dorion
  • Elros
  • Enthor
  • Gilbert
  • Hobson
  • Iston
  • Tauren

Baby girl names inspired by Tolkien

These 10 baby girl names are names featured in Tolkien's works as well as names put together to sound like they're from his vast universe.

When considering a Tolkien name

Before you choose a name inspired by Tolkien's universe, consider which fictional race you most identify with or wish to draw inspiration from. Elves, men, dwarves and hobbits all have unique types of names. You don't need to stay totally true to any one type of name, but it may give you extra guidance as you seek a name that has just enough Middle Earth flavor. If you're feeling really industrious, you can seek out a scholar who has actually studied Tolkien's constructed languages. An expert can give you guidance on fictional meanings to names in the Elvish languages. When it comes to uncommon baby names, it doesn't get any more unique than that.

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