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Caribbean Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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Caribbean baby names are full of exotic and unique choices for girls and boys. The Caribbean is a beautiful area southeast of the United States that includes the Caribbean Sea and more than 7000 gorgeous islands. Collectively, these islands are known as the West Indies and are home to an enormous amount of native culture and tradition, as well as baby names like Aman and Jacinta. Islands include Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominician Republic and Cuba, among many more. Come check out Caribbean baby names and get a little tropical inspiration for your baby boy or baby girl! 

Baby sitting on the beachAll of the islands of the Caribbean were colonies of other countries at some point -- and some still are. It’s no surprise that the language and culture of the colonizing countries had a major influence on the lives of the native inhabitants. This influence translated into the islands’ baby name trends as well.

Many countries were colonized by Spain and France (Christopher Columbus, a Spaniard, actually landed in the West Indies initially) so we can see those specific influences in the names of those who live there.

Have fun and get inspired by our list of the neatest Caribbean baby names for boys and for girls!

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Caribbean Baby Names for Boys

  • Agwe: This Haitian name means “spirit of the sea.”
  • Aman: A variation of the Arabic name Amin, this means “honest, faithful.”
  • Amani: Meaning “peace,” this has Kiswahlii (from Africa) origins.
  • Azacca: Meaning “spirit guide of agriculture,” this name can be easily shortened to Zac.
  • Bastian: Short for Sebastian, this means “man from Sebastia.”
  • Damerae: This name means “a boy of joy.”
  • Dewain: Another version of the Irish name Duane, this means “dark, swarthy.”
  • Garon: Another version of the Gaelic name Garron, this means “gelding.”
  • Hosea: A Hebrew name, this means “salvation.”
  • Jorell: An American name, this was probably inspired by the name of Superman’s father, Jor-El.
  • Josue: This is another version of the name Joseph, and means “Jehovah increases.”
  • Kai: This name has possible South African origins and means “beautiful.”
  • Lyron: Meaning “my song,” this name is another form of the name Liron.
  • Malik: This name means “soverign” and is of Arabic origin.
  • Talin: Another version of the name Talon, this refers to the claw of a large bird of prey.
  • Umar: Of Arabic origin, this means “thriving, prosperous.”
  • Vin: Another version of the name Vincent, this means “prevailing, victorious.”

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Caribbean Baby Names for Girls

  • Alvita: This name means “lively” and is popular in Jamaica.
  • Anacaona: This was the name of a queen of Hispaniola and means “golden flower.”
  • Ayida: This Haitian name means “who is the spirit of love.”
  • Bijoux: Meaning “jewel,” this name is popular in Haiti.
  • Dorsey: This name may refer to the French word d’Orsay, which means “from Orsay.”
  • Jacinta: Meaning “hyacinth,” this name is another version of the names Giacinta, Hyacinth and Jacinda.
  • Lesia: This is a variation of the name Alicia and means “noble, exalted.”
  • Leta: Meaning “gladly,” this classical name is popular in the Dominican Republic.
  • Marisha: This is another version of the name Marissa and means “of the sea.”
  • Oria: Popular in the Dominican Republic, this is another version of the names Aura and Oriana and means “wind, sunrise” or “golden haired.”
  • Raeni: This Jamacian name means “queen.”
  • Rosi: This is another version of the name Rose.
  • Shona: This is an Irish version of the name Joan.
  • Steebeth: A name from Trinidad, this means “great beauty.”
  • Vea: This Jamaican name means “seen.”

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written by Maeve, August 31, 2010
Love love the name Shona! Oria is pretty too, I think that would make a good middle name.

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