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Cool Middle Names

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Most expecting parents spend the majority of their time thinking of the perfect first name for their little one, a name that flows well with the last name, and blends in with the rest of the family. For some, the middle name can be that frustrating last minute decision that needs to be made, a name that gets skipped entirely. But for many the role of the middle name has gained importance and popularity over the years. Let us help you pick out a cool middle name to go with that rockin' first name.

cool babyChanging role for the middle name

The role of the middle can be used to honor a family member, carry on the maternal last name, or have a religious or special meaning behind it. The middle name may be a name you thought of as a first choice, but decided was a little too bold to use.
Middle names can help first and last names blend together more easily, or it can be the name that your child chooses to use over their first name. A middle name might help your child stand out when there are kids in class with the same first name. Some middle names are combined with the first and then abbreviated, like Christian James or C.J.

Whatever role your child’s middle name takes on, you’ll want to give it just as much time and thought as you do the first name. 

Factors to consider when choosing a middle name

While your child may not use their middle name on a daily basis, remember they’ll need it when they have to fill out paperwork and legal documents, so avoid choosing a middle name that is too long or complicated.
When you’re thinking about that middle name, picture it as a monogram. Isabella Bay Mills may sound great until you see her initial as IBM.  Others to avoid DOG, IBM, CAT, you get the idea…

Get more tips here on picking the perfect middle name.

Middle names of the past

If you’re a girl of a certain era chances are your middle name may be Marie, Ann, Lynn, Rose or Grace. While these were popular middle names that flowed nicely with first and last names, choosing a middle name simply based on sound is not enough. Break out of stereotypical middle names and choose names that have more meaning to your individual family.

Check out our pick of the top 50 traditional baby names.
One syllable middle names

Shorter, one syllable names are popular choices for a middle name because they help balance out the first and last names, putting more emphasis on certain sounds and syllables.

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to one syllable names for both boys and girls.

Some top names include: Anne, Belle, Blake, Bree, Brett, Brooke, Chance, Chase, Claire and Cole. Get more tips here on one syllable names for boys and girls,  and click here for an in-depth look at syllabics at work with your baby names choices.

Middle name trends

While you still may hear and see quite a few Marie, Lyn, Lee and Ann used as middle names, there are others like Katherine, Rose, Renee, and Nicole that are always popular middle choices. For boys middle names may include: John, Thomas, Michael, Robert, Joseph, William, Scott or David.

You can take a traditional middle name like Ann and bring it into the new century by adding a new ending or taking a letter away. For example Ann may become Annika or Lynn to Melinda or Lee to Caylee.

Some reports say that popular middle names stem from biblical time like Andrew, Jacob, and Daniel or geographic locations, like London or Paris. Check out more trendy middle names here.

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