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Dads Pick Top Baby Names

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Naming a baby can be really easy, or it can be a lot of frustrating work. Melding your ideas with your partner's can lead to the perfect solution or, alternatively, an unnamed baby at the end of your nine months! To help you out, we've gathered names that Dad might like to help you narrow down your lists so you can both work together to arrive at the best name.

baby and dadFor dads, often the boy names that pique his interest are those that sound classic or masculine. Even girl names that are feminine, but on the shorter side, might beckon to him as he seeks out the best name for his baby girl. Names that aren't too fancy for either sex are also prime candidates.

Most dads don't like unisex names, but  prefer names that are either masucline (for boys) or feminine (for girls).

Show these names to your man and see if there are any that you both love. From the unique to the classic, he's sure to find the perfect name for his baby!

Boy Names

Ajax: From Greek mythology, this was the name of two heroes of the Trojan War.

Blake: An Old English name, this means "black," or conversely, "pale, white."

Blaze: This is another version of the name Blaise.

Brand: This name means "sword, fiery torch, beacon."

Carter: Meaning "one who transports goods," this name has Old English roots.

Cody: This Irish name means "descendant of Cuidightheach."

Cooper: This name means "barrel maker."

Gavin: A Scottish and Welsh name, this means "white falcon."

Grant: Of Gaelic origin, this means "tall, big."

Jack: This name is another form of the names John or Jacques

Lane: This Middle English name means "path, roadway."

Levi: Meaning "joined," this name has Hebrew roots.

Logan: A Gaelic name, this means "hollow" and is another name of the X-Men character Wolverine.

Max: This name means "greatest."

Nolan: This Irish name means "champion."

Sean: This is the Irish version of the name John.

Tristan: This was the name of a Knight of the Round Table from Arthurian legend.

Victor: Meaning "champion," this name has Latin roots.

Zach: Short for the name Zachary, it can also be spelled Zack

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Girl Names

Addison: An Old English name, this means "son of Adam."

Amber: This comes from the name of the fossilized tree resin.

Autumn: This name means "season of harvest" and is of English origin.

Avery: This name means "elf counsel" and has English roots.

Brooke: Meaning "water, small stream," this name if of English origin.

Carly: This name means "little, womanly."

Daisy: This flower name is of English origin and means "day's eye."

Elle: This name is a short form of the names Elaine and means "sun, ray, shining light"

Laura: A name that comes from the laurel plant from which crowns were made in ancient times to symbolize victory.

Maya: This name means "dream, illusion" and has Hindi roots.

Molly: This is another version of the name Mary.

Paige: An English name, this means "young servant."

Pandra: A Celtic name, this means "chief dragon."

Riley: Meaning "courageous," this name has Irish roots.

Ruby: This English name refers to the gemstone that shares the same name.

Sadie: This is another from of the name Sarah, which means "princess."

Skylar: This is a Dutch name that means "fugitive."

Taylor: An occupational name referring to tailoring, this name has Middle English roots.

Zoe: A Greek name, this means "life."

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