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Irish Baby Names: the Hottest New Trend

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The latest American given names trend is Irish!  Irish names are the latest rage, taking the top spots on national popularity charts and rising up out of the sea of given name choices. 

The trend is most visible among baby boy names, with names such as Ryan, Kevin, Sean, Connor and Brayden taking spots in the top 100’s.  The biggest surprise comes from the old Irish name Áedán.  Although officially ranking number 43 in the nation, its many spelling variations make it a contender for the number one spot.  The number one boy name Jacob was registered by the Social Security Administration as having been given to approximately 24,400 males in 2006.  Meanwhile, the many variations of Áedán – Aidan, Aiden, Ayden and Aden total to approximately 26,300 baby boys, making it the unofficial Number 1!

When it comes to Ireland itself, Irish parents are choosing more internationally common names.  The most popular baby boy names in Ireland in 2006 were Sean, Jack, Connor, Adam and James.  The top girl name favorites were Sarah, Emma, Katie, Aoife and Sophie.  The largest popularity leaps were made by the all American  girl names Ava and Lucy, with Ava taking the top sixth spot.  So while American parents are choosing their boy names from the Irish baby name pool, Ireland’s parents are reciprocating by crowning their newest family additions with American favorites.

Parents looking to start a baby name trend need look no further than Irish baby name history.  As well known Irish names are sweeping the hearts of parents by storm, there are hundreds of hidden treasures waiting to be picked up.  Below is a list of some old Irish baby names, their meanings and spelling ideas.

Old Irish Baby Boy Names

Ailill – means “elf” – alternative spelling: Aylil, Aliel, Eylil
Rónán  - means “little seal” – alternative spelling: Rohnan, Ronaen
Bran – means “raven” – alternative spelling: Brahn, Brann, Braehn
Finán – means “fair, white” –  alternative spelling: Finnen, Faenan
Fáelán – means “young wolf” –  alternative spelling:  Faylen, Falehn

Old Irish Baby Girl Names

Ailionóra – name borne by several noblewomen – alternative spelling: Alionora, Elionora
Étaín  - means “shining” – alternative spelling: Eytan, Ataen
Mór – means “great – alternative spelling: Mohre, Moer
Muirenn – “fair like the sea” – alternative spelling: Mayrenne, Mairenne
Róis – Irish form of “rose” – alternative spelling: Reose

Contemporary Irish Baby Boy Names

Connor – means “hound-lover” – Gaelic spelling: Conchúr
Ryan - means "kingly" - Gaelic spelling: Rian
Killian - means "fierce" - alternative spelling: Kilian, Cillian
Sean - an Irish variant of "John" - alternative spelling: Séan
Aidan - means "warm; little fire" - Gaelic spelling: Aodhán, Áedán

Contemporary Irish Baby Girl Names

– an Irish surname popular today as a girl's name – alternative spelling: Ryley
Teagan - means "poet" - Gaelic spelling: Tadhgán
Keira - Feminine version of the Irish name Keiran - alternative spelling: Kiera
Kaitlyn - from teh name Catherine, meaning "pure" - alternative spelling: Caitlin
Aislin - means "vision" - alternative spelling: Aisling

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written by michael concannon , June 30, 2010
really like d name caleb but sum thin s puttin me of it, my partner was due on saturday past so i haven much time 2 decide,
written by tabitha, July 27, 2010
I am having the hardest time picking out a name for our little boy due in Nov. my husband wants a traditional Irish name since he is irish. This is our 4th child.. we already have a daughter, Grace Ann, a son William Jack (named after my grandfather) and another son Quinnlan Jameson.. I am completely stumped with this baby... I sort of like the names Liam and Samuel but we just cant decide! :(
written by stephanie, August 04, 2010
I have a little girl named Quinn and a baby cousin named Finley, I absolutly love both their Irish names ! My husband and I have our 2nd one on the way but cannot seem to agree on any names
something new(:
written by emma, September 02, 2010
My middle name is different and i love it, i think it's pretty:
Loughlin -pronounced "lock-lynn"
it's from my great grandmothers irish last name O'Loughlin
written by Tonja, September 14, 2010
I named my oldest Teagan Janell since my maiden and married last names are Irish, I figured it fit nicely. I liked the name Keegan for a boy and honestly had never heard Teagan until I named her and of course there are a ton of boys with the name and few girls.
written by chloe, November 03, 2010
Here in Australia teagan is used prodominenlty as a girls name , know of lots of examples with girls and hadnt heard of it as a male name until reading this feed. well there you go...
written by Izz, November 05, 2010
Yeah I'm with Harlow. A pronunciation guide would be awesome.
written by katrina butler, December 28, 2010
help with a boys name brothers names are Declan and Regan and is defo going to have the middle name Charlie (daddy's grandfathers name) but help please with a first name
written by CoreeSilvera, January 27, 2011
Love your middle name "Loughlin", Emma! I probably would have pronounced it wrong, and it sounds so pretty with your pronunciation. :)
written by Kelsey, July 10, 2011
I'm going to name my baby boy Keiran. Supposedly it's Irish, but I don't know what the correct pronounciation is. I'm wanting to believe it's pronounced KY-ran but I'm not sure...

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