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Japanese baby names for boys and girls

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The island nation of Japan has a long and brilliant history -- and a slew of super cute baby names to boot. If you originally hail from Japan, are adopting a Japanese baby or just love names like Haro and Mori, read on!

Japanese mother and babyJapanese baby boys are traditionally given a simple name 6 days after their birth in a namingceremony. When they are older, around 16 years of age, they have another ceremony and they are given a new, formal name. Boy names generally have a theme of strength, good luck or excellence. There are also many boy names that have to do with birth order -- for example, the popular name Taro means "first-born male."

Baby girls in Japan often have names that come from Japanese words, such as Cho. In Japanese, Cho means "dawn" so it would be a beautiful and appropriate name for a baby born at daybreak. Other Japanese girl names have more subtle meanings. For example, Ishi means "stone," but it doesn't necessarily mean her mother and father love stones -- perhaps they hope her to be strong when she grows up.

Check out the rest of the coolest Japanese boy and girl names, and get inspired in your own name search!

Japanese baby names for boys

Akemi: Dawn of beauty

Botan: Peony -- this name indicates long life

Eiji (pronounced EE jee): Second-born son

Goro: Fifth son

Haro: Wild boar's first son

Hideaki: Discerning, wise

Hideo: Excellent

Isi: Rock

Jiro: Second-born male

Kane: Golden

Kenji: Second son

Koji: Child, little

Makoto: Honesty, sincerity

Naoko: Honest, straight

Shiro: Fourth-born son

Taizo: Third-born son

Taro: First-born male

Yasuo: Calm, tranquil

Zinan: Second son

Japanese baby names for girls

Aiko: Child of love

Ayumi: Walk, pace

Chika: Wisdom

Chiyo: A thousand generations

Cho: Born at dawn

Dai: Stand, base

Gen: Origin, source

Hana: Bloom, flowers, blossoms

Haru: Born in the spring

Hisa: Enduring, sustaining

Hoshi: Star

Ima: The present

Ishi: Stone

Kimi: Without equal

Koma: Little horse, pony

Mori: Wood, forest

Nao: Honest

Rai: Next

Ran: Water lily

Suki: Fond of

Uta: Song, poem

Yuki: Snow

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