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Most popular names for twins

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Expecting twins? Congratulations! Two babies bring twice the blessings… but they also make it twice as challenging to come up with the perfect baby name(s).

To aid you in your baby name search, BabyHold consulted the Social Security Administration website to find the top names for female twins, male twins and one of each!

Top 10 twinsets for baby girls

These combos are adorable and clever! Some pairs have names that begin with the same letter while others end with the same sound (ia). One set combines one name and itself in reverse (Heaven/Neveah)! Beside each name we’ve listed its overall rank among all baby names last year.

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Top 10 twinsets for baby boys

The most common trend among names for twin boys is alliteration, particularly names beginning with the letter J. Feel free to mix and match!

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Top 10 baby names for girl-boy twins

In every instance, the top 10 sets of names for girl-boy twins were pairs that began with the same letter. Ethan was the most popular name – it was paired with Emma, Emily and Ella.  

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