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Popular Baby Names in California

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The statistics are in for California’s most popular baby names!

California’s parents have their trends set for their baby name favorites.  For baby girls, Emily, Isabella, Ashley, Mia and Samantha came in at the top 5 spots, respectively.  As far as baby boy names go, the names Daniel, Anthony, Angel, Jacob and David have been chosen by California's parents more than any others.

While Daniel and Anthony are American perennial trends, the relatively new chart topper name Angel seems to be a West side phenomenon.  Of all American states, Angel came in at the top 5 only in Arizona and Nevada, while in California Angel broke into the top 20 mark in 2000. 

Traditional baby boy names, especially those derived from the Bible, have always been those most chosen by American parents.  Although the name Angel has religious connotations, it is not taken from a given name mentioned in the Bible or from older English names such as William or Henry.  So what’s the secret behind the new name popularity

The name Angel can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, whose word for messenger was “angelos.”  Today however, some can attribute the new trend to the hit TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, popular among young teens in the late 1990’s.  The teens have grown up and are having babies of their own - can it be that the TV show has sparked the desire of thousands of parents to name their little darlings Angel, after one of the show’s lead characters?  The media is known to be a strong influence in the daily life of American families, but the show aired nationally and doesn’t account for its popularity in the Western states. 

California and its surrounding states have a high Spanish-speaking population, among whom the baby names Angel and Angelo are an accepted cultural trend and not a phenomenon.  Spanish-speaking parents are setting the new trend in California, and time will tell if it will spread nationally.

Below are the official statistics on the most popular baby names in California for 2006:

Boy’s Names

Girl’s Names

1. Daniel
2. Anthony
3. Angel
4. Jacob
5. David
6. Andrew
7. Jose
8. Joshua
9. Christopher
10. Matthew

1. Emily
2. Isabella
3. Ashley
4. Mia
5. Samantha
6. Natalie
7. Sophia
8. Emma
9. Abigail
10. Ava

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written by alisha, June 11, 2007
What do you think about Bella Mia or Bella Lisa? Can't decide.
i need help
written by elbyShel, November 17, 2007
i really like the name Sean Edward should i name my son that?
written by Kassie, November 22, 2007
well, i personaly like Bella Lisa
written by Kassie, November 22, 2007
it depends, accualy, if it's a brunett or a red head it should be Mia and if its a blonde it should be Lisa
@ NOra
written by Beatrice-Nadine, December 18, 2007
What's wrong with the Name Nora?
written by Beatrice-Nadine, December 18, 2007
I like the name Angel or Angelus [An-'jell-as]. As referred to in the text I am influenced by the very TV show and its Spin-Off since the character has a very strong and heroic personality.
written by sophia.g, January 06, 2008
i would try lily grace because it is sweet.
written by Angel wings, January 20, 2008
Bella Mia & Bella Lisa sound akward being they end with the same ending sound Uh.
Sean Edward is nice but I would spell sean differently or people will call him seen, that was my husbands name and he was called seen so much he actually changed the spelling to Shawn.
Lily grace is a beautiful name it sounds so heavenly & angelic.
written by Amey, February 23, 2008
What about instead of lilly grace try ella grace thats such an adorable name
to beatrice
written by nyree kittinger, June 07, 2010
NOTHING IS WRONG WITH NORA!!! i know 2 Noras!!!

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