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Popular Canadian Baby Names

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Every year, the Alberta, Canada government publishes a list of top baby names. From the unique to the traditional, Canada’s baby naming habits show that they can go with the flow and very much set themselves apart from baby naming trends worldwide. Check out the list of most popular Canadian baby names of 2008.

Canadian flagThinking outside the box: Unique Baby Names

Canadians found inspiration in a myriad of places for their babies’ names last year, from movies to history to music and beyond. These are just some of the unexpected monikers that hailed from the province, and some possible sources that prompted them:

Anakin (as in Skywalker from Star Wars)
Delorian (a play on the automobile the Delorean)
Gonzo (perhaps a tribute to Hunter S. Thompson)
Harloquinn (a variation on Harlequin, or just Quinn)
Leia (another Star Wars character)
Leonidas (from the movie 300)
Napoleon (notorious emperor of France)
Natorious (a play on the word notorious)
Optimus (after Optimus Prime from the cartoon The Transformers)
Queen (the rock group, or just a tribute to the monarchy)
Xerxes (King of Persia, also featured in 300)
Zephram (a play on the character Zefram from Star Trek)
Zeppelin (after the iconic rock band Led Zeppelin, or a blimp, take your pick)

And then there are the names that were inspired by anything from nature to food to a random jaunt through the dictionary. Whatever child has a name like one of these will certainly stand out from the crowd: Anarchy, Castle, Jazzy, Jury, Science, Taffy, Tyranny, Tree.

Top of the charts: Popular Baby Names

How do Canada’s baby-naming habits compare to the most popular names in the United States? Girls in the United States number in the thousands for names like Emma, Isabella, Olivia, Madison and Emily. And there are plenty of little boys carrying the titles Aiden, Logan, Ethan, Jacob and Noah. Here’s how Canada’s trendiest names lined up in 2008:

Top 10 Baby Girl Canadian Names
Ava (tied with Olivia)

Top 10 Baby Boy Canadian Names

For the eighth year in a row, Ethan took the top slot for boys while Ava held the winning title for girls in 2006 and 2007 and tied with Olivia in 2008 as the most popular choice for the little ladies.

On the map

Canada has unusual names, traditional names, and they’ve upheld the popularity of some of the most recent naming trends. What this nation has also done is create their own trend by borrowing a bit unexpectedly from their southern neighbors.

One family paid homage to a person who defined the United States in 2008 – the new president. The parents of two Alberta boys born last year named one child Barack and the other Obama… names that may be climbing the charts in years to come.

But also unique to America is its geography, and Canadians borrowed liberally from cities and states nationwide to put themselves on the map: Boston, Dallas, Memphis, Milwaukee, Montana and Nevada. Other parts of the world got some love as well, with babies being named Cairo, Cyprus, Rome, Venice and Vienna.

Whether creating traditions themselves or working with existing themes, Canadians have baby-naming down to an art.

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Im from Canada...
written by Isabella F., March 02, 2009
Im from Canada.
Ava (tied with Olivia)-Never met an Ava.I met Olivias though.
Emma-I only met 1 Emma.
Emily-I met about a thousand Emilys.LOl.
Sarah-I met lots of Sarahs.
Isabella-My name is Isabella...I met a few other people with this name.
Sophia-I met lots.
Madison-I never met a Madison.
Hannah-I met 1 Hannah.
Chloe-I met a few Chloes.
Grace-i met about 2 Graces.

Ethan-I never met any Ethans.
Jacob-I think I met 1.
Alexander-I met lots.
Joshua-I dont remember anyone with this name.
Liam-Never met a Liam.
Logan-Never met a Logan.
Nathan-I only met a few.
Matthew-I met lots of Matthews.
Noah-I never met any Noahs.
Owen-I never met an Owen.
Also a Canadian
written by soydog, August 10, 2009
I've seen tons of people with all of those names, except for Owen and Ava/Olivia, interestingly enough. I know more 'Katie's than anything else though, I'm surprised that name didn't make the list.
written by Dun OH, June 05, 2010
I'm a Owen,i think there was one or two in hs 25 yrs ago,since then i don't think I've met any.My cats name was Isabella-Bella for short.
written by bears0819, June 19, 2010
I'm pretty sure this article is listing the most popular names parents named their newborns in 2008 in Canada. These children would only be two. The title for each list is "Top 10 BABY Boy/Girl Names." The paragraph above it explains that the lists are comparing "Canada's baby-naming habits" to the United States and specifically cites the year 2008.

The people you would know were probably born decades ago and therefore would not fall under the same name trends.

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