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Popular Twin Names by Theme

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Jack and Jill, Harry and Sally?  There is so much more to coming up with a good twin name combo than meets the eye. 

With the increase of fertility treatments such as IVF, multiple births are on the rise and coming up with a name for two, three, or even four little people can be an ever-challenging task.  Although the possibilities are endless, most parents end up choosing names that have similar characteristics, whether it is a set of names that rhyme, have similar meanings or names that come from a common origin or association.

We have collected lists of names by theme to help you in your search.  Browse the lists for ideas and share other great combinations that you have come across.

Common Beginnings

Just as a set of twins start their lives from a common source, so is the most popular method for naming baby twins in the US – twin names that start with a similar sound.  In fact, an overwhelming 52% of the most commonly used twin names follow this pattern.  The most popular twin names with similar beginnings are:

 Twin Boys

 Twin Girls

 Mixed Twins

 Jacob and Joshua

  Ella and Emma

  Emily and Ethan

 Daniel and David

  Madison and Morgan

  Emma and Ethan

 Isaac and Isaiah

 Mackenzie and Madison

  Natalie and Nathan

 Landon and Logan 

 Hailey and Hannah

  Zachary and Zoe

 Brandon and Bryan

 Natalie and Nicole 

 Samuel and Sophia 

Mirror Images

A unique way to match twin names is to find two names in which one spells the other in reverse.  Such names are hard to find, and parents who find mirror names with a personal significance have come across a real gem.

 Aiden and Nadia

 Nevaeh and Heaven

 Noel and Leon

 Axel and Lexa

 Aneres and Serena

 Flor and Ralf

 Iris and Siri

 Selim and Miles

 Haron and Norah

 Arin and Nira

 Harpo and Oprah

 Kira and Arik

 Alina ans Anila

 Dan and Nad

 Dara and Arad

 Oren and Nero

 Anehta and Athena

 Neelia and Aileen


Meaningful Doubles

Names with similar meanings can add a profound connection to a name pair.  Here are some of our favorites:

Aurora and Dawn – two names that mean "dawn" in Latin

Dorothy and Theodora – both mean "divine gift" in Greek

Ophelia and Ezra – both mean "help," with Ophelia originating from Latin and Ezra from Hebrew

Grace and Hannah – Hannah is Hebrew for "grace"

Irene and Salome – both mean "peace," with Irene originating from Greek and Salome from Hebrew

Margaret and Pearl – Margaret is Greek for "pearl"

Deborah and Melissa – both mean "bee," with Deborah originating from Hebrew and Melissa from Greek


Christian Themes

Some parents want a set of names that represent their religious beliefs.  Christian themes remain the hottest trend for twin names, having reigned as an inspiration for decades.

Christian and Christopher

James and John

Mark and Matthew

Christopher and Matthew

Faith and Hope


The Top 20 Most Popular

Below are the most popular twin baby names in the US:

Boy Twins

Girl Twins

Mixed Twins

1. Jacob, Joshua

1. Ella, Emma

1. Emily, Ethan

2. Matthew, Michael

2. Madison, Morgan

2. Emma, Ethan

3. Daniel, David

3. Gabriella, Isabella

3. Natalie, Nathan

4. Isaac, Isaiah

4. Faith, Hope

4. Zoë, Zachary

5. Landon, Logan

5. Mackenzie, Madison

5. Sophia, Samuel

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i need help with names for my twins
written by tiffany, April 25, 2008
im 33 weeks pregnant with twin boys.. i need HELP with names for them..


any suggestion for their first names???
written by Keshia, May 11, 2008
Jackson and Jace are very cute together
good names
written by tereza, May 19, 2008
if i had another son i would name him one of these names !! mark anthony ,,, keith anthony ,,, renee anthony i love these names hope you like them !!!
written by Joanne, August 11, 2008
I knew someone who named their twons Nathan and Tristan
written by Amber, October 25, 2008
I like Braxton and Braydon or Lucas and Logan or Garrett and Gavin!
my names
written by Christina, November 30, 2008
for my quad girls are Parker Avery, Aven Presley, Natalie Rhys, and Cameron Eliza. I am having twin girls in June, and need help with naming them according to their sisters. I like the names Parvati [as a middle]and Saber, but in 2 different names. I really don't like them together. Our last name is Janes, so please help?!?
my twinss
written by Kara , December 07, 2008
i have a set of twins, a boy and girl with very unique names. My daughters name is Cody Grier. An my sons name is Logan Samuel.
Hope this helps!
written by abby, February 14, 2009
do your twins a favor and name then toadaly differnt, that will help them find their own identity, i my self being a twin growing up alwayze hated how my sister and i were named similar(alexandria ruth and abigail rfransis)
written by Alina, May 31, 2011
i like the names Aiden and Aaron.

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