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Popular baby names in Israel

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Israeli baby names can be classified by community: haredi (aka ultra-orthodox) baby names, national religious (N) and secular (S). Names might be popular in multiple categories.

The alphabetical listings shown below are based on the popularity of baby boy and baby girl names according to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics.

The top baby boy names in Israel

  • AmitFriend (N, S)
  • Avraham – biblical (O)
  • Daniel – biblical (O, N, S)
  • David – biblical (O, N, S)
  • Eitan Strong (N, S)
  • GuyValley (N, S)
  • Ido – biblical (N, S)
  • Itai – biblical (N, S)
  • Itamar – biblical (N, S)
  • Moshe – biblical (O)
  • NehoraiLight (N)
  • Noam – Pleasantness (O, N, S)
  • UriMy light (N, S)
  • YairHe will light (N, S)
  • Yehonatan – biblical (O, N, S)
  • Yehuda – biblical (O, N)
  • YisraelIsrael (O)
  • Yonatan – biblical (O, N, S)
  • Yosef – biblical (O)

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The top baby girl names in Israel

  • AdiJewel (N, S)
  • AvigayilHappiness (O, N)
  • AyalaDoe (O, N, S)
  • EllaGoddess (N, S)
  • Hila – Halo (N, S)
  • HodayaThanks to God (N)
  • Lian – non-Hebrew (S)
  • MaayanSpring (N, S)
  • MayaRussian (N, S)
  • Michal – biblical (O, N, S)
  • Noa – biblical (N, S)
  • NoyaBeauty (N, S)
  • Rivka – biblical (O, N)
  • RoniShout for joy (N, S)
  • SarahPrincess (O)
  • ShiraSong (O, N, S)
  • TahelShe will light (N, S)
  • TaliaFemale lamb (N, S)
  • TamarDate (O, N, S)
  • YaelGazelle (O, N, S)

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