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Popular boy names in the US

Find below the top 100 baby boy names in the US and their meanings. Just click on a name to see what it means. 

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1  Jacob
2  Michael
3  Joshua
4  Matthew
5  Ethan
6  Andrew
7  Daniel
8  Anthony
9  Christopher
10  Joseph
11  William
12  Alexander
13  Ryan
14  David
15  Nicholas
16  Tyler
17  James
18  John
19  Jonathan
20  Nathan
21  Samuel
22  Christian
23  Noah
24  Dylan
25  Benjamin
26  Logan
27  Brandon
28  Gabriel
29  Zachary
30  Jose
31  Elijah
32  Angel
33  Kevin
34  Jack
35  Caleb
36  Justin
37  Austin
38  Evan
39  Robert
40  Thomas
41  Luke
42  Mason
43  Aidan
44  Jackson
45  Isaiah
46  Jordan
47  Gavin
48  Connor
49  Aiden
50  Isaac
51  Jason
52  Cameron
53  Hunter
54  Jayden
55  Juan
56  Charles
57  Aaron
58  Lucas
59  Luis
60  Owen
61  Landon
62  Diego
63  Brian
64  Adam
65  Adrian
66  Kyle
67  Eric
68  Ian
69  Nathaniel
70  Carlos
71  Alex
72  Bryan
73  Jesus
74  Julian
75  Sean
76  Carter
77  Hayden
78  Jeremiah
79  Cole
80  Brayden
81  Wyatt
82  Chase
83  Steven
84  Timothy
85  Dominic
86  Sebastian
87  Xavier
88  Jaden
89  Jesse
90  Devin
91  Seth
92  Antonio
93  Richard
94  Miguel
95  Colin
96  Cody
97  Alejandro
98  Caden
99  Blake
100  Carson


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Comments (18)Add Comment
im having thriplets
written by Bella Ashdon, November 28, 2010
i like the names.....
1. Trevor
2. Marshall
3. Justin

do you have anyyy middle names for these first names?? thank you!
A good boy name!!
written by Melody, December 04, 2010
I am pregant and looking for a good boy name I have two girls Aaliyah and Teyona and a boy Darius. I love the name Micah and wish I hadn't used it for my sons middle name. Anyways I have looked at all of the baby name books and I haven't found a single name that I like at all :(
Boys Names
written by Louise, January 02, 2011
I like are...
Xavier, Dylan, Jordan, and Jesse- unfortunately I have a really large family of boys and cant use any of them as they are all taken :(

Does anybody have any suggestions?
written by sueheady, January 11, 2011
this is my 1st baby i want a unique name
confused a bit...
written by breana, January 20, 2011
ok i hit a snag..
im 7 months and im having a baby boy
the i have a few names that i like and they are all really different... Magnus, Skylar, Adonis, Breylan. im looking for something unique or that has a special kind of ring to it.. anything would be welcomed :)
written by Ashley, January 20, 2011
Rashad is a nice name
Any suggestions on baby name plz help!
written by josette, January 29, 2011
My first babys name is armani isaiah! I'm not sure what I'm having until feb 9, and I'm anxious in finding names for either or! I like the name (for girl) olivia lace and (for boy) middle name aiden need a first name!
Help please!!
written by Juli Rose, March 12, 2011
I am writing a story and need a boy's name that means funny or something related. I'm having a hard time finding. If you come across, let me know please! thanks!
any suggestion for a baby boy name
written by takita webb, March 14, 2011
i am eight months pregnant. i already have a daughter and her name is zariah nicole which is pronounced (zar ree ah). i was hoping for a name that start with a z for a first name and a n for the middle name....but i keep coming up short. the only thing that comes to mind is zachary and i dont like it. Any suggestions at all????
@takita webb..
written by Jessica, March 23, 2011
The cutest little boy I have every seen was named "Zander" spelled with a "Z"..
I would use it, but it would be too obvious that I stole it from my friend's sister.. :)
any suggestion
written by rose, March 23, 2011
i am six months pregnant and i need a second name for my baby boy..the first name is kiero..any suggestion for the second name?
baby boy names?
written by stephanie, April 01, 2011
I like the names Lucas, Brayden, and Bralyn.....any other boyfriends last name is help me with first and middle names....please! :)
baby names
written by savannah, April 06, 2011
I have my ultrasound tomorrow. I think I am having a girl. For a girl we habe picked out Kaidah Liliannah. We have no boy names I would lile for it to start with a K and very unique.
Any suggestions?
written by babu, May 07, 2011
I have a two month boy baby i need a good name with meaning its relation to Christ or any Christian missionary so please give some suggestion or names thank u
RE: baby names for savannah
written by Christina, May 10, 2011
what about Kaedyn for a first name?
baby boy & girl name..
written by RHOBELYN CONDE, May 25, 2011
help me find a unique name for my 1st baby..
i want my a two word name for my baby..

if she's a girl i want her to have initials of J & R..
i already have one..
help me find other unique name

if he is a boy, i want him to have initials of R & J
so far i have RAiLEY JETT in my mind..

baby name
written by tes, June 23, 2011
can someone suggest me a baby boy and girl name that is cute.
need a 3 syllable boy name that is traditonal yet unique,
written by wendi, July 08, 2011
something that would go great with our daughter Katelyn and that would go well with "taylor", my husbands middle name. any suggestions i would appreciate. thanks!

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