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Short and Sweet Baby Names

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Are you looking for a short and sweet baby name? Perhaps you have a long or complicated last name, or you're looking for a name to match your short and simple surname. Either way, look no further for names for baby girls and baby boys -- we've gathered one- and two-syllable names of the simplest (and sweetest) sort! Read on for these singular names and their meanings.

Short and sweet baby namesOne important advantage a short first name has over a longer one is the size of the name -- a shorter name will be easier for a child to learn how to spell than a longer, more elaborate one.

Also, keep in mind that these names not only make terrific first names, but also can make excellent middle names.

Short and Sweet Baby Names for Boys

Connor: hound lover (Gaelic)
Drew: wise (Welsh)
Eli: high (Hebrew)
Eric: forever, alone, ruler (Old Norse)
Ewan: little swift one (Hebrew)
Finn: fair, from Finland (Irish)
Gage: pledge, oath (Old French)
Gavin: white falcon, little falcon (Scottish)
Grant: tall, big (Gaelic)
Ike: laughter (Hebrew)
Isaac: laughter (Hebrew)
Ivan: variation of John (Slavic)
Jake: short form of Jacob (English)
Jude: the praised one (Hebrew)
Kane: little battler (Irish)
Kent: edge (Old English)
Knox: round-top hill (English)
Lennox: with many elm trees (Scottish)
Liam: Irish Gaelic form of the name William
Mason: one who works with stone (English)
Myles: soldier (Old German)
Nash: headland, cliff (Old English)
Noah: peaceful (Hebrew)
Owen: well-born, noble (Welsh)
Quinn: counsel (Irish Gaelic)
Reid: near the reeds (Old English)
Rhys: enthusiasm (Welsh)
Ross: headland, cape (Scottish)
Seth: set, appointed (Hebrew)
Simon: to hear or be heard (Hebrew)
Trey: three (Old English)
Zane: variation of John (English)

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Short and Sweet Baby Names for Girls

Anna: version of Hannah (Hebrew)
Asia: sunrise (Greek)
Aspen: tree name (English)
Bella: beautiful (Italian)
Bree: anglicised form of the Irish Gaelic name Bríghe
Brynn: hill, mount (Welsh)
Claire: famous (French)
Cora: maiden (Greek)
Ella: other, foreign (Greek)
Eve: life, animal (Hebrew)
Gia: form of Gianna, Italian feminine version of John
Grace: flavor, blessing (Latin)
Iris: rainbow (Greek)
Ivy: evergreen climbing plant (Old English)
Jade: semiprecious green stone (Spanish)
Jane: the Lord is gracious (Hebrew)
Lara: protection (Latin)
Lark: playful, lighthearted (English)
Lia: short form of several names
Lila: night (Arabic)
Mae: the fifth month (English)
Mina: love (German)
Molly: form of Mary, "star of the sea" (Irish)
Paige: young servant (English)
Reagan: Shakespeare name from King Lear (Gaelic)
Rose: flower name (Latin)
Ruby: the red gemstone (English)
Sage: wise, healthy (Latin)
Skye: refers to the sky (English)
Tara: hill, star (Sanskrit)
Taryn: blend of Tara and Erin (English)
Zara: radiance (Arabic)
Zoe: life (Greek)

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