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Top 10 Popular Baby Names in New York State

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So what does the New York State parent think of when naming their baby? In the case of naming baby girls, it looks as if naming is all about glamour. According to the most up to date US Social Security Statistics, Emily, Isabella and Ava ranked in top 3 spots. 

Emily has been an internationally popular name recently, ranking in top 10 in the past few years in such diverse countries as Germany, Norway, Scotland, England, New Zealand, and Canada.  Sported by American and international actresses, writers and singers, the name carries an allure of the entertainment industry.  Isabella topped the charts at number two, experiencing a dramatic climb in popularity in the past decade.  As late as 1996, Isabella did not even make it to the top 100, rising to number 62 in a matter of two years.  What can explain the sudden fascination with the name?  Isabella is associated with royalty, the queen of Castille and Portugal having borne the name. The name has its roots in the Hebrew language, with the popular form used tofay being an Italian version. 

Ava has taken the place of Emma in the top 3 spot, rising from number 25 to the 5th most internationally chosen baby name in 2006.  Although dropping to number 7 in New York this year, the name Emma has enjoyed an incredible span of international popularity.   Capturing the hearts of parents and placing in recent top 10 charts in Australia, Finland, France, Belgium, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Malta, and the Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, and Sweden.  Home to the capital city of the world, New York State has made itself more international than ever before.  With the statistics in, it is fascinating to imagine just how many little Emma’s will be walking around New York and the world in the next few years.

For baby boys, New York parents have chosen the names Michael, Matthew and Joseph over any other name, respectively.  Michael has been a great success in the region for years as the number one given boy’s name in New York State each year since, believe it or not, 1965!  Well known New York Michaels include Brooklyn’s basketball legend Michael Jordan, director and choreographer Michael Bennett, actor Chad Michael Murray, and boxer Mike Tyson (born Michael Gerard Tyson). 

The name Matthew came in at number 2.  Another lasting favorite, Mathew has fluctuated between second and third place for more than two decades.  Joseph ranked in third.  On a national scale, Joseph has been in the top 15 since at least 1906.  All 3 names have their roots in the Hebrew Bible, confirming a tendency toward tradition over fashion.  As far as naming boys goes, New York parents have their mind set on their favorites.

Below are the official 2006 top baby name statistics for New York State:

Boy’s Names

Girl’s Names

1. Michael
2. Matthew
3. Joseph
4. Anthony
5. Christopher
6. Daniel
7. Nicholas
8. Ryan
9. Joshua
10. Alexander

1. Emily
2. Isabella
3. Ava
4. Olivia
5. Sophia
6. Madison
7. Emma
8. Ashley
9. Samantha
10. Sarah

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cute name
written by Erica, June 20, 2007
I like Madison Sophia or Sophia Madison. Plus my favorite actor is Sophia Bush =) I also love the name Nathan.
written by sally dolittle, October 03, 2007
Its a trendy name that is overused and un imaginative.Can't you be more original than that ?
written by Mercades, November 24, 2007
I think Mercades is a kewl name. its so powerful!
i need help with finding a middle name
written by ...., December 18, 2007
i been looking for a middle name for almost 2 weeks....her first name is evelyn
please help
re: i need halp finding a midle name
written by R, December 22, 2007
how about Beth? Evelyn Beth
re: i need help with finding a middle name
written by KT, December 24, 2007
i also love the name evelyn. i have considered the name evelyn marie for my own baby. :-) i think it's precious!
Thoughts on name Brayden - for a boy?
written by RC, January 07, 2008
Thoughts on name Brayden - for a boy?
written by Natalia torres, January 13, 2008
I cant find a boys name can u help me find a name 4 my baby boy. the only one that i have its the fathers name Raul Armando.what do u think?
Love it
written by Angel wings, January 20, 2008
I love the name Brayden for a boy.
If i have a boy i'm considering Brayden Alexander.
written by baby101, January 22, 2008
can brayden be a girl's name too?
written by misty, January 28, 2008
i think jayden would be a pretty name for a girl
written by misty, January 28, 2008
im not sure what i am having yet but if it is a girl i like the name addison and for a boy i am not sure i already have a little boy named cayden what do you think about the name
written by louise bailey, February 10, 2008
i have great names for my kids, kobe brian, tyler-john, holly-marie, bridey summer and byron james. do any of these appeal to people ?
Ava or Ruby
written by Catrina, February 21, 2008
I like the names Ava Elizabeth and Ruby Grace. Ava was my first choice but now with it's growing popularity I'm thinking Ruby. My DH and DD Lillian age 3 LOVE Ruby. I know it would drive me crazy if Ava was one of three others in her class. These are the only names we agree on as possibilities. What would you do? HELP!!!!
written by Sabrina, May 17, 2008
what's a good first name for Diane?The reason I want Diane in the name is because I want to honor my aunt who died in March of 2007
written by Tanya McLean, October 24, 2008
I love the name Lila; I think Lila Diane sounds nice. I'm sorry about your aunt.
I also like Lydia Diane--I named my niece Lydia and I love it. Emma Diane, Sophia Diane, Ella Diane, and Lily Diane--they all sound nice to me. I also like Julia Diane. Well, I hope that's helpful. Best of luck with everything!!
expecting twins!
written by kamden rayne, November 14, 2009
i have a thing with name trends .. my entire family all had names that began with "k" (yes, first and last.. my mother was kora, father kevin .. older brothers kevin, kenny, and kyle .. older sisters katerina, and kacee) i don't want to do that to my kids, but i want their names to match or sound good together. my son is harrison .. so i was thinking jameson and jackson[for boys] or brennan and kieran[for girls] .. opinions??

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