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Top 50 Powerful Baby Names

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We’ve compiled the top 50 powerful baby names for your boy or girl. The definition of “power” can vary for each person. And every individual’s idea of the kind of people who represent power can fluctuate as well. A-list actors and actresses wield a certain amount of power (usually through face recognition or their bank account) but you may think your neighborhood patriarch is the kind of person who represents genuine strength and power.

Powerful baby namesPoliticians have power, and some use it for good while others use it for evil. There are real-life heroes and there are superheroes – while some may consider Barack Obama a hero, a lit-lover might give that title to someone like Edgar Allen Poe or even Atticus Finch, the hero in To Kill a Mockingbird.

There are serious names that imply class and a no-nonsense attitude. And there are names that have that pie-in-the-sky idealism wrapped around them, making you think of dreamers rather than powerful forces. Whatever your definition of power, the following big names in today’s pop culture and high society boast a certain amount of influence – perhaps you want to echo their moniker by bestowing a similar name on your child.

Top 50 Powerful Baby Names

1. Anderson 
( as in Anderson Cooper – Journalist, author, news anchor)
2. Angelina 
(as in Angelina Jolie – Actress and activist)
3. Arnold
 (Schwarzenegger – Governor of California, former actor)
4. Barack 
(Obama – President of the United States)
5. Barbara
(Walters – Legendary journalist and correspondent)
6. Ben
 (Affleck – Actor and activist )
7. Beyonce 
(Knowles – Singer and actress)
8. Bill 
(Gates – Microsoft founder, business magnate, philanthropist )
9. Bono
(Bono or Paul David Hewson – Front man of U2 and activist)
10. Brad 
(Pitt – Actor and activist)
11. Bruce  
(Springsteen – Singer, songwriter, “The Boss”)
12. Chesley  
(Sullenberger – Airline pilot who landed safely in the Hudson River)
13. Daniel
( Radcliffe – Actor and boy wonder Harry Potter)
14. David
( Beckham – International soccer superstar)
15. Donald
(Trump – Business magnate )
16. Ted
(Kennedy – Senior senator from Massachusetts)
17. George
(Clooney – Actor and activist)
18. Gisele
(Bundchen – Victoria’s Secret Supermodel and wife of football star Tom Brady)
19. Heidi
(Klum – Supermodel, host of Project Runway)
20. Hillary
(Rodham Clinton – Secretary of State)
21. Howard
(Stern – Uncensored radio host)
22. Joanne
(J.K. Rowling – Author of Harry Potter
23. Jerry
(Seinfeld – Comedian, actor, writer)
24. Kate
(Winslet – Oscar-winning actress)
25. Leonardo
(DiCaprio – Actor and activist)
26. Madonna
( Singer, actress, entertainer)
27. Manny
( Pacquiao – Pound for pound boxing champion)
28. Michael
(Phelps – Olympic gold medalist (again and again and again…)
29. Michelle
(Obama – First Lady of the United States)
30. Miley
(Cyrus – Teen queen of music, movies, and TV)
31. Nelson
(Mandela – Former South African president, anti-apartheid activist)
32. Oprah
(Winfrey – Unstoppable media personality)
33. Paris
(Hilton – Socialite and actress)
34. Penelope
(Cruz – Oscar-winning actress)
35. Rachael
(Ray – Television personality and cookbook author)
36. Robert
(Redford – Actor, director, environmentalist, founder of Sundance Film Festival)
37. Rush
(Limbaugh – Opinionated political radio host)
38. Ryan
(Seacrest – Radio DJ, producer, entertainment news report, American Idol host)
39. Sarah
(Jessica Parker – Actress and fashion icon)
40. Sean
 (Diddy) Combs – Producer, singer, actor, designer, entrepreneur
41. Simon
(Cowell – American Idol judge, record producer)
42. Stephenie
(Meyer – Author of the Twilight saga)
43. Suze
(Orman – Financial guru and TV personality)
44. Tiger
(Woods – Golf icon)
45. Tina
(Fey – Award-winning female writer, Saturday Night Live alum and actress)
46. Tom
(Brady – New England Patriots quarterback)
47. Justin
(Timberlake – Popular musician, actor)
48. Conan
(O’Brien – The Tonight Show host)
49. Tyra
(Banks – Supermodel, talk show host, TV personality)
50. Zac
(Efron – Blue-eyed acting heartthrob)

Whatever name you bestow upon your son or daughter, whether a one-syllable powerhouse (Jack or Eve) or a multi-syllabic royal moniker (Alexander or Margaret), the power they craft in their own lifetime doesn’t stem so much from their name as from what you teach them. Power comes from within, but having a good, solid name sure doesn’t hurt. 

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