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Top 50 baby names of 2011 by meaning

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With baby name trends for 2011 picking up speed, chances are that you're looking for just the right moniker for your baby-to-be. But, which trend will be the right fit for your special delivery? Moms and Dads waiting for the stork to arrive often turn to the meanings of names for inspiration. Check out our prediction for the top 50 baby names of 2011 by meaning.

Top baby names of 2011 with God in the meaning
2011 baby name charts will be no stranger to the following biblical baby names with "God" in their meaning: Jaden - "Jehova has heard;" Micah - "Gift from God;" Michael - "Who is like God;" Samuel - "Name of God;" Zachary - "Remembered by God;" and Samantha - "Listen; name of God." Other biblical names you'll see amongst the top 50 baby names of 2011 include Jacob  and James, which both mean "He grasps the heel".

Top baby names that are alternatives to "Junior"
Becoming your daughters namesake is easy when you look into the meanings of top monikers in 2011. Baby girl names Addison - Unisex name meaning "child of Adam;" and Madison -Unisex name meaning "child of Maud,"  mean that girls, too, can take the name of you or your partner.

Top Feminine and flower baby names
Labels that encompass the essence of all that is girly in 2011 will be sweet or flowery. The baby names Charlotte - "Tiny and feminine;" Makayla - "Female form of Michael;"  Chloe - "Blooming;" and Liliana - "Lily," will all rise the top of the popular baby name charts in 2011 like the little ladies they are.

Most popular happy baby names in 2011

Your special delivery in 2011 will bring you plenty of happiness, just like the baby names Abigail - "Father's joy;" Asher - "Happy;" and Caleb - "Like the heart."

Top occupational baby names
Boy baby names associated with a trade or profession are common, such as Mason - "Worker in stone;"; and Tyler - "Tile layer," which you are sure to see in the top 50 baby names charts. However, look for occupational baby names for girls, including Amelie - "Hard working;" and Harper - Unisex name meaning "Harpist," as well amongst the 2011 most popular baby name ranking.

Most popular alternative destination baby names
Get creative when giving your baby a place or destination baby name by looking at the meaning of these top baby names of 2011: Braden - "Broad hillside"; Landon - "From the long hill"; Logan - "From the hollow"; Luke - "Native of Lucania"; and Savannah - "From the open plain."

Top strong baby names of 2011
Baby name meanings that show leadership qualities can be found in quite a few top baby names of 2011. You're sure to see the monikers Alexander - "Defender of men;" Aubrey - Unisex name meaning "rules with elf wisdom;" Eli - "High; ascended;" Emma - "Whole;" Ethan - "Strong;" Jessica - "Rich;" Judah - "Praise;" Quinn - Unisex name meaning "intelligent;" and Sophia - "Wisdom," amongst future leaders, as well as holding strong in the top 50 baby names charts this year.

Most popular object baby names
What does your bundle of joy's name bring to mind? With titles such as Ava - "Like a bird";  Laila - "Nightfall"; Lauren - "Laurel"; Madeline - "Tower"; Oliver - "The olive tree"; Stella - "Star"; and Zoe - "Life," taking top seat in popular baby name charts in 2011, what you see is what you get.

Top character baby names of 2011
The meaning of your pea in the pod's moniker could lay the foundation for his or her principals, especially when the baby name holds positive characteristics in its meaning. Look out for Aidan - "Warm"; Anthony - "Highly praiseworthy"; Austin - "Dignity;" Claire - "Bright;" Finn -"Fair;" Kayla - "Pure;" and Noah - "Comfort," as a few of the top baby names this calendar year.

When choosing a name for your baby-to-be, how important are baby name meanings to you?

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meanings were important with picking my kids' names
written by, January 27, 2011
With their first names, I focused mostly on the way my kids' names sounded. But, the meanings of their middle names were just as important as how they sounded in combo with my kids' full names.

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