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Celebrity Baby Names

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Does "glamorous" describe your personal taste?  Find out what the stars are naming their offspring and get great ideas for your baby, Hollywood style.

Celebrity Baby Names:

A guide to the glitz and glamour side of baby names.  For a name that has just the right blend of popular and trendy, and one that has associations with today's cultural royalty, celebrity name fashions can give your baby an air of big screen glam for a lifetime.

The Newest Celebrity Baby Names of 2008
A roundup of 2008's latest and greatest from the creative baby name capital of the world.  Review the year's most noteworthy celebrity baby name choices so far, and gear up for expected arrivals this spring and summer.

50 Celebrity Baby Names in the Spotlight
The latest explosion of made-up and unique baby names among celebrity parents is taking the tabloids by storm.  The UK Times Online has published a list of what they pinned as the “50 Craziest Celebrity Baby Names.”

Baby Names Celebrities Love
Celebrities are often known for giving their children unique and unusual names. We have collected a baby names list, of the most popular names among celebrities for their babies.  In addition, we have collected a list of unusual, unique and even bizarre names given to babies by their celebrity parents.

Unique Celebrity Baby Names
These names are more of the unusual kind, for those of you seeking more adventurous and "one of a kind" names for your baby.  What about the celebrity parents themselves?  Many have chosen to change their given names for a more marketable moniker.

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Are you in on the most recent star pregnancies and births? Keep up to date with Hollywood trends! Check out the latest Celebrity Baby News

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written by Mark Allistair Dungo, February 17, 2009
simple simple simple simple simple simple simple simple simple simple
great names
written by Jalaylah, March 24, 2010
personally i want to name my baby after a celeb completly. im thinking between either Hannah Montana or Jennifer Hudson. im leaning towards Hannah, what does everyone else think?
i just love hannah montana, such an inspiration
written by CoreeSilvera, January 26, 2011
Hannah is a pretty name. Just as long as Montana is not the middle name.

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