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Top Girl Baby Names 2008: Social Security Administration

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The Social Security Administration has released the top 100 baby names for 2008, compiled from Social Security cards for US births. Here are the baby girl names topping the charts.

baby girl

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1.  Emma    26. Anna   51.  Kylie    76.  Vanessa 
2.  Isabella  27. Victoria  52.  Brooke  77.  Aaliyah 
3.  Emily    28. Kayla   53.  Kaitlyn  78.  Mariah 
4.  Madison  29. Lillian    54.  Evelyn  79.  Gabrielle 
5.  Ava    30. Lauren  55.  Layla    80.  Katelyn 
6.  Olivia    31. Kaylee  56.  Madeline  81.  Ariana 
7.  Sophia    32. Allison  57.  Kimberly  82.  Bailey 
8.  Abigail    33. Savannah  58.  Zoe    83.  Camila 
9.  Elizabeth  34. Nevaeh  59.  Jessica  84.  Jennifer 
10.  Chloe    35. Gabriella  60.  Peyton  85.  Melanie 
11.  Samantha  36. Sofia    61.  Alexandra  86.  Gianna 
12.  Addison  37. Makayla  62.  Claire   87.  Charlotte 
13.  Natalie  38. Avery    63.  Madelyn  88.  Paige   
14.  Mia    39. Riley    64.  Maria    89.  Autumn 
15.  Alexis  40. Julia    65.  Mackenzie  90.  Payton 
16.  Alyssa  41. Leah    66.  Arianna  91.  Faith   
17.  Hannah  42. Aubrey  67.  Jocelyn  92.  Sara   
18.  Ashley  43. Jasmine  68.  Amelia  93.  Isabelle 
19.  Ella    44. Audrey  69.  Angelina  94.  Caroline 
20.  Sarah  45. Katherine  70.  Trinity  95.  Genesis 
21.  Grace  46. Morgan  71.  Andrea  96.  Isabel 
22.  Taylor  47. Brooklyn  72.  Maya    97.  Mary   
23.  Brianna  48. Destiny  73.  Valeria  98.  Zoey   
24.  Lily    49. Sydney  74.  Sophie  99.  Gracie 
25.  Hailey  50. Alexa    75.  Rachel  100.  Megan 

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New baby name trends
written by Kim Grundy, May 13, 2009
Can you believe Emma finally grabbed the top spot! Lots of great baby name ideas -- Paige, Mia, Grace, Gabriella -- all so cute.
My Favorites
written by Alicia Boone , May 14, 2009
I totally love these names all so cute !

Emma France
Olivia Marian
Kristy Madison
Nevaeh Alicia
Juliet London
written by Hunter, May 15, 2009
I love names that are unique! my kids are:
and im pregnant again and i need help!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!
my favs
written by kim, May 16, 2009
I love the names
Alexis Kiera Leah Madison & Taylor for girls
Jayden Aiden Logan Jayden & Kai for boys :)
written by Kim Grundy, May 24, 2009
Arianna is new to the list -- how cute! I think Sienna is also a great name!
written by Sarah Anne, June 07, 2009
in my community, this is COMPLETELY backwards.
1. kimberly
2. taylor
3. hannah
4. brittany
5. ashley
6. marissa
7. sarah

written by Kim Grundy, June 23, 2009
Great name ideas, Hunter. My top girl names for you are Sienna and Brylie.
written by Mommy of 2, July 09, 2009
This list has a great mix of popular baby names and unusual names!
written by Acey, November 28, 2009
Like, what if your'e not wanting a super exotic but want one thats unique??
written by Madison Andrew, January 13, 2010
I like the name Roma Luna for a girl
& Noah Blako for a boy.
But I can't decide if they fit.

What names go with Noah & Roma?
written by Alicia Boone , January 24, 2010
I love the names
written by jodie , July 08, 2010
i have 2 girls named skye and summer and have another girl on the way i need help with naming her x
written by Ashlyn, October 01, 2010
my sisters names are chanelle ann-marie and brittany helen and my name is ashlyn renee
written by Ella Blle, January 07, 2011
I think I tend to favor names that start with either an A or an E for girls... so many of those names are softer and feminine.
My favorite names
written by Rachel, January 15, 2011
My favorite names For girls are Caitlin May and Olivia Haya I love Caitlin May as Caitlin means pure and may means Wished for child. As for Olivia Haya Olivia means Olive and Haya means Life

As for boys i like Jayden Myles and Zachary Kayin Jayden means Thankful and myles means Merciful As for Zachary it means the lord remmembers And Kayin means A child who has been desired for a long time.I WOULD LOVE IT IF YOU COMMENT THANKS XXX
Caitlin May
written by Ella Blle, January 19, 2011
Caitlin May is such a great first and middle name combination. Really sweet for a little baby girl!

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