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Top Texas Baby Names

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Baby names in Texas are unique and indicative of its expansive geography. While many of the most popular names in Texas reflected the nation as a whole, others seemed more Texan than others. From traditional names to Spanish names, read on to find out which trends were hot and which names were tops in the second-largest state!

Texas namesHispanic Names

Due to the proximity of Texas to the Spanish-speaking country of Mexico, it’s no wonder that many of the popular names there are Hispanic in origin, particularly in boy names. In fact, the most popular boy name in Texas in 2009 was Jose -- a Spanish version of the name Joseph which means “Jehovah increases.” Other top Hispanic names in Texas were Angel (which is actually a Greek name but popular in Spanish-speaking countries), Juan (the Spanish version of John, meaning “God’s grace”) and Jesus (pronounced hay-soos, this means “the Lord is salvation”). There weren’t any obvious Hispanic girl names in the list, however.

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Classic or Traditional Names

 Texas was very similar to the national popularity list in that many of the top baby names were classic or traditional names. The #2 spot for boys was Daniel, followed closely by Jacob at 3, Christopher at 5 and David at 6. For girls, Emily is a good example of a wonderful, classic name, and it came in at #2 in Texas. Other traditional names that appeared on the list were Emma, Abigail, Elizabeth and Samantha.

Modern, Trendy Names

Some names that are a little more trendy than others also found themselves in at the top of the Texas list. Even though Noah is an older, Biblical name, it is enjoying a huge popularity surge right now and ranked at 16. Ethan is also peaking in popularity (it was #2 on the national list and #7 in Texas) as well as names like Jayden and Aiden. For girls, Isabella is at the top spot in both Texas as well as the US as a whole. It;s so trendy it didn’t even register in the top 1000 in 1989! Some other names that are currently trendy and also ranked high within the state of Texas are Addison, Mia, Ava, Chloe and Sophia.

Unique Names

A couple of names (aside from the Hispanic names listed above) ranked quite differently when comparing Texas to America as a whole. Adrian, for example, was #24 in Texas but #58 in the US. And the girl name Valeria ranked 17th in Texas while in the US it ranked #72.

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Top 25 Texas Boy Names

1    Jose 
2    Daniel
3    Jacob
4    Angel
5    Christopher
6    David
7    Ethan
8    Joshua
9    Jayden
10    Alexander
11    Michael
12    Juan
13    Anthony
14    Aiden
15    Christian
16    Noah
17    Matthew
18    Jonathan
19    William
20    Andrew
21    Gabriel
22    Jesus
23    Joseph
24    Adrian
25    Nathan

Top 25 Texas Girl Names

1    Isabella 
2    Emily
3    Mia
4    Emma
5    Sophia
6    Abigail
7    Madison
8    Ava
9    Natalie
10    Olivia
11    Ashley
12    Elizabeth
13    Samantha
14    Chloe
15    Addison
16    Victoria
17    Valeria
18    Alyssa
19    Brianna
20    Allison
21    Alexis
22    Alexa
23    Camila
24    Sofia
25    Kimberly

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